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Thread: I wore in public for the first time

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    Default I wore in public for the first time

    My mom, my sister, and I went to the the movie theater yesterday to go see Salt. I wanted to see what it was like to wear a diaper at the movies so I wore a depends(that is all I have). I wet it a few times during the movie. Then we went to the mall to eat lunch and they wanted to shop for shoes. While they went shoe shopping, I went to gamestop. It was such a thrill to wet my diaper in public and nobody knowing what I was doing. To anybody who hasn't gone wore a diaper in public, I suggest doing it.

    To people who have worn in public, does it seem harder to go in a diaper in public? It was for me.

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    Yes it is hard for mi to wet my diaper in public but i need to train more. But cold the diaper take all that pee?

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    nice, yeah going in public was hard but that's mainly due to me wearing goodnites and worried about leaks.

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    Never wore in public, but may see some movie soon in a stuffed drynite! However, I would never, ever, EVER go with anyone I know, unless I am 101% sure that no one will find out about them!

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    Heh. Wearing diapers in public can be fun, I've worn to school numerous times, although I was too scared to wet because I was only wearing a goodnite, and I probably wouldn't dare wear anything more bulky due to noise and crinkle.*If I'm alone in public, e.g. without anyone that directly knows me then I can be fine with wearing Bambinos in public, but otherwise, I'll stick to diapers which aren't that easily exposed.

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    I've worn in public, and still do. It's awesome knowing you have a bathroom wherever.

    I should add that I don't really do it for the thrill, but more for convenience and comfort.
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    I've worn diapers in public a couple times, I love it, it's a good thrill, but I'm scared of leaking so I really only wet it a little bit when I'm on my way home. I have to ride my bike to get anywhere so I can't really wet it too much anyway as it'll leak through.

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    worn in public but only wet the real diapers like Tena. Dry nights or something similar is bound to go wrong :P

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    Hi and congrats! Now you can get more use to wearing in public.
    As for me I actually only like wearing diapers when I'm out the house. I also have no trouble to urinate in them. I don't do #2 because of the smell. Cleaning wasn't that bad, more just the smell.

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    On my days off when I have errands to do, going diapered makes it more fun. You just have to know the limits of the diaper you are wearing. Unless you "over diaper" people are not going to notice. There are millions of people out there that have to wear diapers. How often do you notice?

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