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Thread: How fast is your internet connection?

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    Default How fast is your internet connection?

    This is somewhat random (for me) but i've just been involved in a chat with a friend of mine (we normally discuss lots of random and unrelated stuff, have since we met each other 8 years ago) and the subject of internet connections came up, the speed of them...

    So, I ran mine through Speed test. The result was:

    Downlink: 22399 Kb/s
    Uplink: 624 Kb/s

    I'm on an Assymetric connection, so the Uplink is always slow.

    However, on the upside, i'm edging close to 3 MegaBYTES (not bits) per second on the downlink. I regularly download at 2.5 MB/sec, so this is not too surprising - being close to the exchange (it's a DSL line) probably helps lots though.

    So, which category does your internet connection fit into? And what speed is it? Also, is it reliable?


    (Please note poll numbers are in bits, not bytes! Bytes are bigger, remember ;-))

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    It's standard, supposedly, but I don't get the best performance from it. Probably because of the number of people in my vicinity who use Comcast >.<

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    I got dial-up for my computer, so my internet is freaking slow , but it have to do until I get faster interent.

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    I'm on a 768/128 kbit DSL connection, but it should very soon be approximately 3072/768. So.... no appropriate poll option for me to pick.
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    mine right now(512/128,600MB downloads,$45 a month,2 yr contract(contract ended))

    soon to be (like in 1 week) Gotalk(current provider isp) 1500/512,35GB downloads,$100 a month 1 yr contract
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    Here's my speedtest from the old thread.

    EDIT: and for proof I still have test from today (17 May/08)
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    I'll pick the 2mb poll option because it's the closest to my speed.
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    Mazza: You're capped to that amount per month? I didn't realise some ISPs still did that, my connection has no restrictions.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MarkFox View Post
    Mazza: You're capped to that amount per month? I didn't realise some ISPs still did that, my connection has no restrictions.
    Yeah, they do. From what I hear, it's very common in Australia.

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