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Thread: A general rant.

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    Default A general rant.

    They say a problem shared is a problem halved.... so here goes.

    I've been going out with my boyfriend for a month (+1 week) now... that sounds like a short amount of time I'm aware but it having been the longest thing I've had it feels long.

    Though this last week things have been different.

    I haven't seen him since last Thursday, in which time he went out on the scene for the first time, without me . I'm no scene queen but I still go ocassionally, I'd offered to take him before but he'd shown no interest.

    Anyway he goes out, goes clubbing with some friends from school, and has an apparently good time. Then he adds this guy on facebook. This is followed by some semi flirty wall convo's but I pass it off as my paranoia.

    I then say when can I see him, he's busy, apparently every day. So what about the weekend? No can do as he's going somewhere. Where? Brighton. (On closer inspection its pride this weekend there) Going for Pride? Yes, he got invited down yesterday by the guy who added him on facebook.

    Now, my problem is obviously this seems a bit suspicious. He is too 'busy' to spend time with me, yet he has time to spend with some guy he meets in a gay bar and then accept an invitation to go to Pride and go out clubbing there in the evening. I'm panicking, severely. I rang him Wednesday to ask him if things were cool... He said they were and that it'd just been difficult what with him having parties to go to. But then he knows that him not seeing me all week and absconding to Pride (and staying the night clubbing in Brighton) is making me nervous.....

    What do I do? Am I being unreasonable or is my fear justified???

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    Your fear is justified, but you are 20. The gay dating scene in your early twenties is pretty much highschool dating. It is clumsy, often treacherous, and mostly for training. I wouldn't sweat it that much. Things get better in that regard as you get older.

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    You know what they say; if you love them, set them loose. If he loves you he'll come back.

    Sorry, I know that's probably not constructive or a least bit helpful to you. As I see it, if you love him and is set upon a future relationship with him, demand that he tell you his true feelings. Dishonesty never helped none. You deserve a clear answer.

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