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Thread: Where to buy heavy duty diapers in stores?

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    Default Where to buy heavy duty diapers in stores?

    Hi, i was wondering where i could find heavy duty diapers such as tranquility, tena, select, etc. I do not want to order online because im afraid of my parents finding out.


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    You're not going to have a lot of luck with this outside medical supply stores or more dedicated pharmacies. There's no large chain I can think of that has any kind of decent selection but if you're up for a little researching in your area, you might get lucky. You'll probably have to phone to get the answer, which may be all kinds of awkward but no one said this would be easy.

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    I agree with Trevor, I don't think it's possible to get *real* diapers anywhere else but online. I hear from some people that there are some medical supply stores that sell alright diapers, but then again that's up to you to find thy stores in your area. I know that there are none around my area, at least within biking distance. Depending on your age, it may actually be better to order online. It outweighs the benefits of buying in a store, because you get both higher quality diapers and it gets delivered to you. So yeah, look into it, but consider ordering online a little more as I know that with myself, originally I didn't think that I would ever buy diapers until I move out let alone buy them. Slowly my fears were eased and I found it easier to buy diapers and, about a year after that I got the courage to order online.

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    i've never tired it, but i hear that Craigslist might have something... though, i also hear that it's a long shot gamble, too. don't get your hopes up.

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    Well just go with small pharmacies. you know Mom and Pop places? That's where I get my Tena Slips.

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    use the phone book, check under: Home medical equipment, Hospital equipment & supplies, use the phone and ask them what brands they have or can get.

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    try london drugs, shoppers drug mart they carry tena diapers

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    Usually, at least in the US, it is almost impossible to find good diapers anywhere but the internet or specialty stores. Tenas seem to be the exception though, I just hear about people finding Tenas more than anything.

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    my cvs has depends tranquility and tena adult diapers

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