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    Cool Mayhem Fest 2010

    This year I decided to go to Mayhem, after seeing the lineup. For those that don't know it's a heavy metal concert series sponsored by rockstar energy drinks.

    I saw all but the opening act, my favorites were 3 inches of blood(Canadian Band), and Rob Zombie(Who should of been the closer, since you can't live up to that show he put on) when he went through the crowd with a flashlight you couldn't see someone NOT flying up the Horns. He did a few new songs, and a couple older stuff, even the intro for sweet home Alabama.

    Other then those I enjoyed, Five Finger Death Punch, and Lamb of God, and which the latter has 2 members from near the area.
    Though they didn't allow the walls of death(Variant of a mosh pit) and broke up all attempts to mosh. Though the Hatebreed show on the Jägermeister stage, everyone fucking moshed, without any real attempts to break it up.

    There was a fight and this was the first ever here it seems, before it was just more stuff like Drunk Boxing.

    I really didn't like Ateryu this year though, they sounded much different from when I saw 'em a few years back at Projekt Revolution(Linkin Park Concert Series)
    Anyways, if you have not yet go to Mayhem Festival, before it ends, as if you're a metal head, you will NOT be disappointed.

    Though I didn't get a shirt, or Autograph as we didn't have enough money(Only $40 which 20 was spent on upgrading our lawn seats, to covered seating, and the other 20 for Water)
    So anyone else go to it? If so who was your favorite act?
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