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Thread: Urge Incontinence and Diapers

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    Question Urge Incontinence and Diapers

    Now, still being a bit green in terms of diapers for incontinence (yes I know you wear them in order to not wet your clothes), I understand IC, in general, comes in a few different 'flavors'.

    I would assume each type of IC would be best fit with different types of diapers, as not all forms of incontinence are best managed by a "belted shield" or inversely by a "maximum protection diaper".

    I am still mostly in control when I need to go, but there are multiple times a week (and sometimes day) that the urge just hits with little warning and a decent amount is voided. I have quickly concluded that the more protection the better and have tried to make due with a bit heavier protection.

    Is this overkill for urge incontinence, as I don't exactly use the diapers until they explode, but at the same time, when I do go, I go a decent amount? Would it be overkill to possibly wear something much heavier throughout the day just so I know its not going to leak while I wet on those certain times? What diapers have others used to combat this type of IC?


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    Hi BloodyElle,

    I fight neurological urge incontinence myself, and have dealt with some level of incontinence all my life. From the time I was little up until now I have used diapers, and also tried belted undergarments, shields, "sanitary panty and pad systems" and a number of other things. I can tell you in detail via e-mail or private message about each one, why it was tried and how I thought it worked.

    Currently, I just wear a full diaper, or if you prefer, "fitted absorbent brief". Honestly, I just call it what it is; it's a diaper. Over the years I've spent the time and money buying all different levels of diapers, from the cheapie store brand to the high-end internet order. Usually, you get what you pay for. What is interesting is that you can actually *SAVE MONEY* by buying more expensive diapers. Yes, you heard me right.

    I am not the only one who has worked this out, others here have found the same thing and posted about it. Say the expensive diapers will cost you about 1.5X what the cheapie brand are being bought for when you look at the cost per diaper. When you actually wear the cheap diapers and then find they are wet and you must change, it has usually only been a few hours, so you go through six diapers a day. Now when you use the expensive ones, you find that you only need to change them half as often, so you use three diapers per day.

    Just looking at a cost per day--if the cheap diapers are $1.00 apiece, that is $6/day for diapers. If the expensive ones are 1.5X, that is $1.50 each, but only three diapers are needed for a total of $4.50/day.

    The brands that most people consider to be the high end diapers are Molicare (Super and Super Plus), Abena (Abri-Form), and also diapers from Bambino Diaper company. Bambino's is more of an Adult Baby style diaper, but as my wife has pointed out, nobody sees my diapers but her and I. Basically the only people who will see your diaper are the people who would normally see you in your underwear. So if you are OK with them seeing teddy bears or baby blocks on your diapers, don't worry about buying AB style diapers.

    If you want to discuss things more, either PM me or else e-mail me at and I will be happy to talk to you.

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    I'd say whatever is right for you is a solution that is a compromise between security and comfort. What sort of social fears are brought about by wearing a full diaper? Are you itchy, hot?

    How often do you leak when using "lesser" forms of protection? Is it infrequently enough that you can live with the rare accident?

    I think probably the best solution would be related to volume, rather the frequency. In that case, as long as you are reasonably comfortable with it - I don't the diapers are overkill. No absorbent garment is really best able to deal with "flooding," but a diaper does that best as opposed to other solutions.

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    Like Analog, I have also dealt with urge incon as a result of faulty nerves. I also have IBS and, therefore, occasional bowel accidents, but I'll try to answer for just urinary incon. First, get a diagnosis from a urologist. Overactive bladder usually involves both frequency and uncontrollable urges. However, it sounds like you're talking about just uncontrollable urges and just a few of them, correct?

    Everyone is different, but I'll briefly explain my own experience with this question. When I was in grade school and high school, I had accidents, but my urge incontinence wasn't nearly as bad as it's been for the last 20 years (since college). As it got progressively worse, I went with more protection. And, wearing protection more frequently. These days I wear a higher quality diaper all the time, one that will hold many multiple voids.

    You have to decide a number of things for yourself. Can you live with a few accidents or not? If you can make to the bathroom most of the time, you might want to try a pull-on. How comfortable are you wearing thicker diapers under your clothes at work or in public? Are you willing to bring a change of clothes/diapers with you whenever you leave the house? Are you able to pay for the cost of many diapers? If you have OAB, your doctor will prescribe drugs that might alleviate the problem, thus avoiding diapers altogether. I can think of lot's of questions, but it boils down to this. If you can afford them, don't mind the bulk, need the higher absorbency and want to avoid accidents, then by all means use a higher quality diaper. It will definitely put you at ease. And, as Analog said, it can cost less in the long run.

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    Try a high-capacity pad under stretch shorts. A pad is about 2/3 the cost of a comparable diaper and provides the same protection. The plastic and tapes on the sides of the diapers add cost, but not protection. They are just there to hold the padding up. If urine gets that far, it's going to leak. Also -- pads a lot cooler in the summer and more comfortable all year.

    I wet very heavily at night and sleep on my side. I use the Abri-san X-plus or the Moliform Super Plus, which have the same capacity as the top Abena or Molicare diaper. They have huge capacity -- I have never leaked out of one. If you don't need that much (and you probably don't) get lower capacity pads to save money.

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    I never had very good bladder control. I have been profoundly urinary incontinent since 1985. Back them my only options were belted disposable pads or adult disposable diapers. Despite the somewhat higher cost of tape-on disposables, for me they were far more practical than belted pads.

    Much later after cloth-like covering became common for baby disposables, Pampers introduced Cruisers as an especially soft and flexible baby disposable for active kids. An incontinent woman I have known well told me she found a Cruiser with the side flaps cut off worked for her as a slip-in disposable pad. I respect her experience. Although up to then no adult slip-in pad had worked for me, I bought a bag of Size 6 Cruisers. When I cut of the wings, they were slightly larger than comfy on me. I then bought a bag of Size 5 Cruisers. Those also were still slightly too big for me. Pamper Cruisers Size 4 are just right for me. The original design of Size 4 gave me secure 3 hours of protection even on my heavy wetting days. On sale those Cruisers cost 1/3 of an inexpensive adult disposable.

    This year Pampers introduced DryMax Cruisers. My experience is DryMax does increase the capacity, so long as a person wets in very small voids. My control is no better than a 6 month infant, meaning I do not need a disposable designed to deal with larger voiding. For me a high percentage of SAP works just fine. P&G claims DryMax is based on an improved form of SAP which absorbs faster. That could well be true. DryMax has always absorbed fast enough for me. What is very important to me is the capacity is increased to over 4 hours with no discomfort or leaks. That saves me two changes a day. The DryMax are currently the same price as the older Cruisers. Even if the price were to increase for me it is a Win-Win deal.

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    Thank you all for your input!

    I guess it just seems like its a matter of trying out different ways and finding what's right for me. I would like to save money by using the minimal amount of protection possible, but having already started thinking in that manner, I have ended up with quite a few wet pairs of pants while thinking I was protected. And now that I have graduated to heavier protection in the form of diapers (which I have come to terms with calling them that, though it took me a month or two - and I agree with your logic, AnalogRTO - a duck is a duck), I found myself questioning if this was "overkill" so to speak - since I was sometimes wetting only once a day and my original brand of diaper was Depends Max, so even when I didn't wet and had to take it off, I really couldn't reuse, let alone remove as easily when in the restroom.

    I have been trying Tena Ultras and find they work for now, though I'm still a bit uneasy with the amount of padding it looks like I have down there, as seen through my jeans - though I assume this is another thing everyone else has already dealt with - and I would guess that this means I should get a slight change in wardrobe if that is what my concern is. As of now though I am seeing thicker diapers for myself as the better option, just because I want to avoid having a pair of wet pants at work again - talk about embarrassment :-/

    Guess it's a matter of just adapting as I go along...

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