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Thread: socially acceptable sippy cup, courtesy of campbells

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    Default socially acceptable sippy cup, courtesy of campbells

    So, I've been running around like mad, and getting used to "convenience food" which for the most part is neither, but it wasn't till a little binging recently that I realized something quite awesome I've been using for some time.

    Campbells soup has a number of their soups available in "Soup at Hand" containers, which are, really, just a microwavable sippy cup full of soup.

    I've been sitting here, all padded up, drinking from this and reading the forum, and it didn't even occur to me till now what it is.

    As an added bonus, I can drink these at the office, or whereever and not even get a second look.

    Anyway, I thought some of you might dig them.

    Back to lurking.

    -- James

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    I know I tried those microwavable macorony and cheese, that have sort of the same containers, and it tasted like *throws up*

    but the soups must be better, speacialy tomato (: Yummy

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    Quote Originally Posted by thad View Post

    Campbells soup has a number of their soups available in "Soup at Hand" containers, which are, really, just a microwavable sippy cup full of soup.
    Wait, you mean the ones like, the tomato soup and stuff?
    Oddly enough, I never thought of them as such.

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    From their site, they resemble coffee travel mugs more, which are also quite similar in form and function to a sippy cup. This has provided me with some amusement from time to time when watching the coffee obsessed.

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    I had to go look in my pantry, and as it turns out, I have quite a few stashed in there for lunch or times that I'm too busy working to use a spoon. (Or I'm playing video games and I'm starving. Then I use a loopy straw. I know, I'm the biggest dork ever.) They do resemble the travel mugs I love so much, which are basically giant sippy cups. As my Grandma said when I was buying one with her. "Honey, why are you buying a sippy cup?" Gotta love my family's bad vision sometimes.

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    You could also use some of the Gatorade bottles as a bottle.

    The kinds with the twisty-type-thing on top that you just twist open to drink out of instead of taking the whole cap off.

    I've always like those kind of bottles. I never really thought about it resembling a baby bottle until my co-worker pointed it out. Haha.

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    You can also eat animal crackers out in public and no one thinks anything of it. I had a box a few weeks ago, but they didn't taste as good as I remembered them from when I was a little kid. I still prefer Lorna Doons. As for sippy cups, we have them in our cupboard for the grand children. I have indulged on the occasion. I've also had the Campbell's Soup at school. It's not bad.

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    My wife and I were at the grocery store, and she asked if I wanted some of these 'soup at hand' things. I had to chuckle, as I was reminded of this thread.

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    I hate those things. I burnt the tastebuds off my tongue with one of them.

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    I've had them before, they were gross and tasted like liquid salt. But I can see your point about them looking like a sippy cup.

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