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Thread: What is your fursona's name?

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    Default What is your fursona's name?

    I don't know if this has been done before...but wondering, what is your fursona's name? Or what do you like to be called? Mine is Java.
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    Maximilian Rose-thorn.
    maxi for short

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    This is also my second name. It's kind of like second name, second personality.

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    Mukirr is mine, though He'll go by Muka, too.

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    Hadriana "Sabaw" Sabertooth

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    Same as my username. Altric (Pronounced "Al-Trick", not "All-Trick"), or Al for short.

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    Same as comment above, Phaded. I have been using the name for a long time and its actually what most of my friends call me. Even the "normies", only people that dont call me that are family.

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