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Thread: For those that work in an office...

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    Default For those that work in an office...

    Okay, so I've been wearing diapers 24/7 for the last couple of months and have noticed that I have to either sneak out of the office and to the bathroom with a well hidden diaper, or wait until its around lunchtime and just leave for a bit with my whole bag.

    Regardless of gender, wouldn't it look a bit odd to take a bag with you every time you leave for the restroom? I don't really want people to know of my situation, though there aren't too many people in my office. I just hate the whole idea of 'sneaking' around... I'm not afraid of being fired, I know I have the law on my side, but more so afraid of embarrassment...

    Does this happen to anyone else? Do people say anything to you if you just leave with your bag every time you go to the restroom?

    Perhaps I'm just being paranoid. :-/

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    I take my backpack with me everywhere... only place I ever leave it is at home.

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    If I need to change, I just take a diaper with me into the restroom. If someone sees me and has a question or concern, they can see what I have. That's what they get for being nosy--honestly, would anyone want to know when women needed to go into the restroom to change for their monthly menstrual cycle? Not likely. Will they want to know you have to change a diaper? No.

    There is no law protecting you with incontinence, it is not a disability, it is a symptom of another disease or condition. Will they fire you for changing a diaper if they find out about it? Not in the case of a good employee, I doubt it even in the case of a mediocre employee. That is too difficult to prove that they do not owe unemployment for. Unfortunately, we still do not have the law protecting us because we have disposable underwear.

    We had one thread where someone said they were fired for throwing out what was their wet diapers, while the company claimed they were taking product. This person was already looking for other work, and there was a overall question about job performance. So far, you haven't shown anything that indicates that this is the case. I can understand being paranoid, but because you have a medical problem starting that you are trying to discreetly deal with is absolutely no reason for a company to think your performance is worse.

    Honestly, there is no reason to be embarrassed--I would be proud. Most people stop living their lives if they have to deal with incontinence. You are still working and being out there. Hold your head up and put a middle finger up at the diapers. You're going to win.

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    I was wearing 24/7 for a couple of months, including at the office. Honestly, I avoided changing altogether by wearing a high capacity diaper (mostly Secure X-Plus). When I did have to take care of "business", so to speak, I found a bathroom a floor down that saw little traffic (due to being next to a server room).

    Unless you work in a particularly small office, I don't know if anyone would even put it together that you're taking the bag to the bathroom all the time. It's pretty normal to see people in an office carrying around briefcases, laptops, backpacks, etc. If I saw someone walking past my cube on a regular basis with a bag, I'd probably just assume it was a computer or general work stuff. In fact, I did keep my spare diapers (usually 2 of them or so) in the back pocket of my laptop case.

    As far as I know, nobody ever noticed. Or if they did, they at least never mentioned it to me. I'd probably still be doing it if it weren't for my fiancee trying to force me out of diapers . So, whether or not you are protected by any special laws, I think it's pretty unlikely anybody will actually care.

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    Agreed, I worked in the same building as a call center and there were a few hundred employees. There were always guys taking their book bags or laptop cases or briefcases into the rest room. Its the normal stop for people on the way out of the buidling -- carrying all their stuff. Since the schedules were always different, you'd never really determine if someone in the middle of the day was carrying their bag in for diapers or because they were leaving for the day and didn't want to walk back to their desk before leaving the building.

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    Hmm, yeah its just paranoia unfortunately. My office (one of many in a big office building with shared bathrooms) has 4 people in it (gotta love startups), and I can't assume they would fire me or anything, it would just tear me up knowing that they knew of my condition - and once again, i don't think it would effect my being there but its hard or someone to wrap their head around something unless they've had to deal with it. I don't really want to have weird looks or anything while I work there... I guess i should just suck it up and and take my bag with me everywhere, though. Or maybe I should switch to a heavy diaper and avoid a change at all, as chevre said...

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    I too try not changing at work but there are times that I have to. I am like you and try to wait till the others in my office are out and about and then grab my bag and go. There have been times that I couldn't wait so I just grab and go. We have to do what we need to in order to keep living. Yes we don't want others to know our problem and they really won't if we just act normal and don't bring any attention to it. I have learned when to start my fluid intake so that my extended wear diaper will last me the whole shift. It's great having diapers that can last 8-12hrs as long as we don't over flood them.

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    if your asked say you have some kind of inhaler or injection you need to be taking...and you'd rather take it in privacy

    but then you'd have to change at the same time every day

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