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Thread: Modding a Nuk 5 (or any paci?)

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    Default Modding a Nuk 5 (or any paci?)

    So I was wondering about how to mod my own Nuk 5?

    I see on the pacifiersrus site that they use a process called MonSep12, all it said was that it's a process that takes a long time and does no damage to the nipple.
    Which made me think that if I do it myself I will mess it up.

    I was wondering if anyone knew how to do this, or any other method?

    In the other thread on this (from 2008 mind you), Kraiden says he changes his, but they aren't Nuks.

    Is this a pretty easy thing to do?

    EDIT: The reason why I'm asking is because I would love to have a Nuk 5 nipple on this cool paci someone posted in a diff thread.
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    I have tried dismantling a baby Nuk on another board. I cracked the shield and the button was no in good shape. I have a two pack that I will attempt to take apart before I risk my Nuk 5 and I think I will do it in a destructive manner. If I cut through the shield of one and the button of the other leaving a complete set of parts. Then I will cut the shield on my Nuk 5 to save it's button if the baby one won't work. I have a feeling that might be the MonSept12 process because they ask for two baby pacifiers to do a custom job.

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    I too failed at taking on apart. I have a feeling to get them apart in one piece you have to know the temperature to heat the plastic to so that it is pliable enough to separate the parts without damaging them or the nipple.

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    Daddy would be angry if I broke a Nuk 5 (which he hasn't technically bought yet lol). I'll just get the blue one from that eBay store, and maybe my next one I'll spring for one from pacifiersrus and see if I can get a Little Mermaid or Spongebob one or something.

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    I think they modify the NUK 5 nipple with heat, but getting the right shape without rendering it harmful/destroying it takes a long time. Taking it apart is just a matter knowing what to do, because they have to have put the thing together somehow... you just have to do the opposite. Finding the opposite is a different story, a story that could cost you a few bucks in broken baby pacis...

    I'd just order it from PacifiersRus, they know what there doing AND they can modify the one you want if you send it in, it costs quite a bit though...

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    I'll just enjoy the blue one he's gonna get me, and the next time I need one I'll just cough up the extra dough (or hopefully Daddy will have a better job by then lol)

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    If I was going to order a modified one I think I would choose for half the price of just about everyone.

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    From the looks of the dummy in that link, Id say it would be possible to modify it. I doubt that the button on those would be very hard to pry off.

    As to modifying NUks, they are possible to get apart intact, it's just very annoying. Attached to the ring of the dummy is the part that gets inserted through the shield. On the end of this part, and usually visible through the nipple are 2 tabs, one going up and one going down. These keep the ring from falling out. In order to take it apart, you have to try and get those 2 tabs back to centre and then yank the ring out. The process for me usually involves a butter knife lol.

    Hmm, I think when I get time I may do a couple of tutorials on how to do this with different types of dummies.

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    If you could shoot a video of how to get them apart a lot of people would appreciate it.

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