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    Default leak help

    hey is it better to put ur penis down when in diapers or up or dose it matter cause i heard that u should have it down

    o and how do u put ur penis when ur in diapers i put mine down

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    Default well, that depends

    Your preference for anatomical positioning while wearing diapers is determined by a fairly simple factor. If you are a fetishist and get something sexual out of wearing diapers, then you will need to position your member upwards to ensure a reasonably good fit. If you wear diapers out of something AB/DL driven, need, or a combination of the two, then chances are that you will find that due to not being in a state of excitement when you are being diapered, that the most secure fit with the least chance of leaks is with your member down and between any leak barriers on the insides of the diaper.

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    you're most likely going to want it pointed down if you don't want to run into any leaks. if its pointed down it gives the diaper more time/area to absorb

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