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Thread: Which To Buy? (overused question, I know)

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    Default Which To Buy? (overused question, I know)

    but this is different. I will have my driver's license soon, and I will be headed out in the area of a Rite Aid (I'm in the US, I know that lots of people here are from the UK), and I have $50, so I'm pretty sure that I can afford whatever is there, in terms of small easily hidden packs. Any suggestions?

    Also, I'm just starting out, so I'm open to suggestions. Also note that I've only worn Depends pull-up style diapers.

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    If your extremely lucky, you might be going to one of the RiteAids that has the Abena brand in stock. Not all of them keep it in stock, but Abena is one of the good brands. Its up there with Tena, Molicare, and Bambino.

    If your store doesn't have that, try the Prevail or RiteAid store brand. They won't be the best diapers in the world, but should be better then Depend.

    The last brand that RiteAid usually caries is Tena Serenity. Don't buy these. The orginal Tena brand from across the pond is quite good, but the Tena Serenity line sold in stores here in the States is awful. You might as well just buy the Depend.

    Sometimes you might find a bag of Attends or Invacare. I wouldn't go hunting for them because they can be rare, but might be worth trying.

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