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Thread: Talula's 2 year Reintroduction/Coming Out Thread

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    Default Talula's 2 year Reintroduction/Coming Out Thread

    Alrighty, I will have joined this site exactly two years ago to the day on the 13th of August, and thought that I might as well make a reintroduction, as seems to be the fashion these days. Since I joined Iíve changed a lot, and Iím going to try and explain why.

    As you may well have seen, I enjoy responding to new people with poor introductions, trying to help them out with writing a proper one, but I managed to screw it up when I first joined as well. I didnít even write one at first! My first thread was actually a cry for help. My boyfriend had just come out to me, telling me he was interested in this sort of strange stuff and I needed to know more! The responses I received to this thread really helped me in coming to terms with hisÖ ďthingĒ as I referred to it for many months!

    Itís really nice to see that a lot of the people who responded to me are still around today!

    My next thread was an update of sorts, explaining what Iíd done with my boyfriend, and explaining that Iíd come to terms with it, mainly. My boyfriend and I went on in that vein for some time, although as I got closer and closer to various people on the site, he got more and more cross with me. We were due for a sticky end, and in September of 2009 that finally happened. Iíd been having doubts about the legitimacy of the relationship for quite a while before that, as you can see from this thread, posted in March of that year. I hotly claimed that it had nothing to do with me, but Iím fairly sure many people saw through that.

    At this point I need to take some time to say thank you to a few very important people on this site. Firstly, to all the admins and moderators, thank you for this site. Without it my ex-boyfriend would probably have been reported to the police for being a paedophile or some other such catastrophe! And now for some more personal ones. I need to thank Squigma and mizzycub. Without them I wouldnít be around today, and certainly wouldnít be with Charlie. Over the period between Easter and summer last year I got quite close to these two lovely gentlemen, in fact they were the first people I spoke to from this site outside of the forum/chatroom, and they are the main reasons I stayed for two long. Iím honoured to know them.

    I need to say thank you to Lukie and Olipops for keeping my spirits up with some fun fun flirting, and to the girls and Ďgirlsí in the chat, for not letting the talk *always* be dominated by games and computers! I want to make a more general thanks to everyone in the IRC, for putting up with my drunken ramblings, and to everyone for generally putting up with meÖ not being one of you. Itís been hard at times to feel part of this community but youíve all been nothing but spectacular at explaining things to me patiently and kindly (and often repeatedly!). I also have a special thanks to Charlie, but thatís for later.

    Although my boyfriend and I broke up in September, I ended up sticking about around here. Quite a strange thing to do, but I like to think of myself as a little odd, so stay I did, and Iím glad of it.

    In December I went so far as to meet in real life my first Adisc members, Mingus and Rosy. We had a great coffee at Starbucks, incidentally the Starbucks Iím writing this in now, actually, then went back to Mingus place to chill out. Mingus and I became great friends, and we began organising the first Official Edinburgh Adisc Meet! Charlie and I both blogged about it, and if you look closely at the comments section of his, you can see the bickering/flirting between us, although we hadnít got together at the point.

    We did in the end though, and as a result heís living with me.

    But my entire Adisc career has not just centred around guys, Iíve had a lot of crazy fun on the way; been quoted in the IRC Quotes thread many a time, helped sort of the 2010 Member Awards, and I even got caught for not liking diapers!

    In my real life things have been happening too! When I joined I lived in London, and then I moved back home, and then I moved to Edinburgh. Iíve had 9 (ish) jobs since I came here, Iíve completed a college course, started university and dropped out. Iíve been promoted, twice, and fired, twice. Iíve moved out of my uni accommodation because of disgusting flatmates, who now hate me and call nasty names at the on the street, and made countless more friends since I stopped being associated with that group! Iíve done voluntary work, Iíve travelled round a lot of England, Iíve had sex with 9 different partners and Iíve broken my wrist three times in that time. Iíve been bitten by a girl. Iíve been to hospital over night over 5 times (I canít count them anymore!) and fainted over 100 times, all since that fateful day I joined this site.

    And now to the fun meaty part of this!

    But before I say this, I want you all to be sensitive, and try to keep teasing to a minimum.

    Zephiel has long been trumping about the very first blog I made, about possibly maybe liking diapers, which Iíve hotly denied. WellÖ

    Please though, youíve all had all your lives to get used to this, and come to terms with it, Iíve had a few months, or years at best. Iím not 100% sure how this is working for me, or where my interests exactly lie, but Iím there, Iíve switched sides, and now Iím here, as a member for REAL. SoÖ yehÖ there ya go!

    And this is where the special thanks to Charlie F comes in. Itís through him that Iíve managed to come to terms with these feelings, and although Iím not there yet, the steps I have made towards being at peace with this have been mainly down to him, so a big special thank you to him, for giving me a nudge (or sometimes a very hard push) in the right direction, and knowing exactly how far to take things. So thank you, sweetheart.

    Since I joined, 2 years ago, Iíve made 996 posts, started 85 threads and blogged 37 times. I've gained 42 reputation positive reputation points, and no negative, and I've edited the wiki twice. I like to think Iím fairly well recognised, and that people know my story.

    I asked in the IRC a few days ago what people would want to read in my reintroduction, and the two suggestions that came back were my Ďvital statisticsí and all the sexual positions Iíve ever done. Iím not going to list them, because itíll just bore you, and probably wonít fit on the page, but if anyone has any questions then Iíd be happy to answer them (read: ask me questions! Especially fun ones!!)

    If anyone got to this length then well done, is all I can say!

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    WOOT *cheers for you*

    good going, 2 years and going stronger than ever i seems. congrats

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    Well done for coming out! I'm proud of you sweetheart! <3

    Lub you!

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    Congratulations on 2 Years Talula and for coming to terms with your AB-ness

    You are (in my mind) one of the most well known, interesting, funny, intelligent and welcoming Members here on the site. I honestly regret not trying to get to know you over this forum.

    ADISC, wouldn't be the same with out you

    (Charlie, giver her << that Hug :P)

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    Welcome to the AB side. I'm getting more comfortable with mine, too! So...glad to see another brave soul.

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    Yay for everything! :>

    Seems strange that you're adding "AB" to your profile while I'm considering removing it, especially when you were the one who joined without being into the lifestyle at all, but hey Good luck with coming to terms with things, too. I'm still going through that myself, to some extent (not helped by suddenly having a boyfriend after 23 years of only looking at girls... ).

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    I can't think of when I've been pleased to hear someone admit they're an AB

    It's fantastic that you've reached this point of comfort with yourself and with us to do what you want and to share the news. I guess you know best who did what to whom but it looks to me like you were just open to new experiences and willing to respond to certain aspects of your own personality rather than us really "turning" you. I hope you'll have fun working out what that means for you over time. While I'm a bit sorry to lose someone who wasn't affiliated but liked us anyway but we couldn't have "recruited" anyone better if we had gone out and tried.


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    Some threads you come across, and well, you'd need to be a jerk not to at least smile .

    I'm really happy for you Talula. You've gone from being questioning and shocked to pretty much embracing it as a part of yourself. At first it was shock value, then it was confusion. Then it became answers and warming up to the ideas. Now, you are coming here and saying that you are in love with it. You are definitely a well known member of this site. You are a staple here, more so than I, that's for sure. I have always genuinely appreciated your posts. Just like this one, they can light up a day, lol.

    Glad to see you sticking around. This place would be duller without you!

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    Very Interesting.... My fiancee was kind of sort of like you. I forced her to be my baby for a while.... eventually she just absolutely loved it. XD Welcome to the AB side of things.

    BTW How do you get the جمہ ، کتیا! in your name? @[email protected] I kind of want something awesome like that... How do people get custom tags?

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    Quote Originally Posted by dragsnick View Post
    BTW How do you get the جمہ ، کتیا! in your name? @[email protected] I kind of want something awesome like that... How do people get custom tags?
    Custom tags are designated for VIPs (and staff) only. Become a VIP, and you get to change your tag.

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