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Thread: Favorite Babyish Snack?

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    Smile Favorite Babyish Snack?

    There are a lot of foods I can associate with being young and thats like drinking milk and loving cookies (I mean, who doesn't?). I'm having some yummy vanilla wafers and a chocolate milk to snack on. Perhaps you guys like having a small baggy of Cheerios? Warm milk? What's your guyses regression snacks?

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    Chocolate milk (I hate normal milk), instant oat cereal like Readybrek, rice pudding.

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    Animal shaped cookies are some of my favorites. Also, baby carrots are pretty awesome too, and don't forget dry cereal on the table. <3 <3

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    Chocolate Milk, Strawberry Milk, Applesauce, Dunkaroos, Lunchables..... Yogurt....

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    I usually have a baggie of cheerios in my bag for a snack, or I like the really cute fruit snacks. My favorite are the Disney ones.

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