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Thread: I'm a newbie again! (previously RainbowMommy)

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    Default I'm a newbie again! (previously RainbowMommy)

    I doubt any of you will remember me, and the relationship I was in when I joined is past me, might as well start over.

    So, starting anew as a 22 year old adult baby/ semi-babyfur. Not sure how to classify my 'alter-ego' so to speak (and it's not really alternate, just a side of my personality only one person sees). I am something like a 6 month old kitten and a 6 year old girl (but I act younger lol).

    Definitely enjoying the subby side of life again, and ready to explore more of my younger side. : )

    I have a Daddy who spoils me rotten, and I love it. I doubt he will be making any appearances, as he is extremely new to BDSM and ageplay in general, but I will send some FAQs his way and I will be happy with that. Not to mention the only internet he has is on his phone, and even Facebook mobile is teeeeeny tiny

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    Hi welcome back to ADISC
    I am afraid I have only being here a few days so pretty much definitely do not know you from your last accout. What are your interests outside of the AB world?

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    Um, lessee. Lots of anime. Naruto, FLCL, and Blue Seed are my faves. I like to write poetry and LOVE video games. I currently own a SNES, N64, GameCube, GBC, and PS2. Hoping to get an XBox 360 sometime before they are obsolete XD

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    Wha??? 360's are going obsolete? Why did nobody warn me?

    Welcome back, and with good news to boot; have a hug from me. Yay @ moar babykittehs...

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