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Thread: Getting more brave with diapers

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    Default Getting more brave with diapers

    I have been finding the longer I wear diapers, the more brave I get wearing them. The last couple weeks I have been going outside late at night in just a diaper and t-shirt to smoke, which is very exciting as I live in a mobile home park. Then this past Tuesday I was hanging out with a dl friend, and it was a hot night. When it was time to go home, I got in my truck, slipped my shorts over my sandals. Then proceeded to drive home in just my shirt and diaper. I was just making sure to be very careful to not get pulled over. So has anyone else find they get more brave with diapers as time goes on?

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    Yes! And it is something one must be careful about before you do something you will regret for a long time.

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    Sometimes I'm just too lazy to change out of one and want a drink or something late at night when everyone is asleep. Last time I tried this though everyone was up, not really sure if they saw me but needless to say I haven't done this since then.

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    Yeap. Im wearing out to the mall with my family now. I used to only wear in my room.

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    you will find that the act of wearing becomes mundane quickly. at my highest (lowest?) i was completely soaked, i stopped at one of those roadside rest stops, changed in the bathroom, then slung my wet pants over my shoulder and returned to my car (it was pretty busy there) in nothing but my shirt and diaper. that gave me a rush like ive never had before or since!

    i suggest taking it easy, do things impulsively, because that is where the rush comes from, but never sacrifice your standing with your family for it. and realize its prolly because you haven't masturbated in a while that you are getting the urge to push the exhibitionism (note that i had not masturbated before 18 years old, i was so pent up that i would have shown up to a live TV show in nothing but a diaper to get some sexual rush)

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    I've gone outside in just a diaper before. That was behind a fence. That's about as close as I've got.

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    Outside mowing the lawn, that's as far as I've gone.
    Would I go any further? Not around people I know, probably not.

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    The bravest Ive got was by accident. I was padded up and I needed to go get my dads birthday present, so i throw on some clothes (jeans and a tshirt) and jump in my car. Whilst at the retail park and whilst walking around I realised I forgot to put a belt on and my jeans kept sliding down. XD I still wonder if anyone saw when the waist band fell slightly lower than the bottom of my t-shirt, or when I kept pulling my jeans up, ruffling my tshirt.

    People on here say doing stuff like that is bad in public, but it was the biggest rush ever lol.

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    My friend and I take a day longroad trip every year just to get away. This year I came up with a dear that we should wear diapers on the trip. He is not a dl and does not know that I am. He chickened out, but I wore one the whole trip and peed in it a little I didn't want to seriously use it in front of him.
    That's the most gusty thing I've done and I got a panic attack.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Roxas View Post
    Outside mowing the lawn, that's as far as I've gone.
    Would I go any further? Not around people I know, probably not.
    Yeah, same - that was actually the first time I wore (baby) diapers after I stopped using them as a baby :P!

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