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    Hello there,

    I have been a lurker on this community for about 6 months, and decided to finally register and say hello , so hi!

    I am 22 from the UK, and to fit the stereotype am a huge fan of tea & crumpets :P

    My experience with the community has been rather limited to say the least discovered i was a DL when i was about 12 and the internet answered a fair few questions, the unfortunate thing was my first community experience was with DPF and there 'teen' chat board, so i was rather concerned about the implications after being hit on by several 40 year old men :/

    However after some digging found that every community has its bad apples and i have come here to join what i believe is a good apple.

    So hi to everyone and i hope to get to know you all well and hope that i can contribute to the community.

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    Hi welcome to ADISC what other interests do you have outside of tea, crumpets and DL?

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    Well i work in a bar so naturally alcohol is an important factor :P , I am known for inventing crazy drinks (Whiskey,Sourz Cherry, pepsi and Pomegranate juice) ,
    but besides that i love watching movies, have a ridiculously huge collection of TV DVD's , huge sci-fi fan, and love to read and am a computer nut, self taught PHP programmer,
    i also do some part time Game Administration work for GameForge (German company that does browser based games, ogame, ikariam etc..)

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    Alcohol is great. I've worked at a liquor store, hard not to get into it. ;D

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    Cool I worked in a cocktail bar for about three years and really loved it (got fired for giving away a drink even when I had put money aside for it because it was my cousin) and one of my best friends is a website designer he also uses php allot but that is way too complex for me lol

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    Welcome Wugz, hope you enjoy your time here. Its always good to see the UK represent grow in numbers. I look forward to seeing you in the forums

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