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Thread: Babyfur/cub intro in here

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    Post Babyfur/cub intro in here

    Soo.. my name is Zarrix. as stated im a babyfur/cub, lets see im not used to being in forums just reading between the threads to see if anything fun is going on.. sometimes i may not seem very unlikeable thats just my rough side protecting my soft side. as all my friends (whome im not sure if they use this forum though ive seen a couple of familiar names) will agree im fun to be around but i really gotta open up to that person and its much faster to do so in real life.

    hmm so i guess i should state that i am a frequent con goer as of recently, it all started last year at megaplex'09, the furcon in Florida in July, well to best state was fairly dull i was mostly clamored up as i have a very hard time being in a room with alot of people i didnt know and the people i was staying with were hosting some of the cub parties. so for me it kinda sucked but i really dont hold it to anyone. though this year i actually got to be with my boyfriend he almost unwillingly brought me to AC'10 becuse i felt it was going to be a repeat of megaplex.. boy was i wrong this place was HUUUGE. and best off i didnt have to be around the cubs much not that i didnt like them its just i cant handle a mass introduction. though i did convince myself to go once and met 1 friend out of it who ended up living about 20 mins away from my home o.o.. but for the most of that party i was done.. or in a corner or in a chair mindin my own whateva.. then i went to megaplex'10 whome my boyfriend also attended and we stole the charity auction if any of you attended youd know what i mean *snickers* but we had a room and invited Bobkitty and his girl Sila to stay with us.

    so i guess i should state that i am a Folf with and am padded 24/7 due to an incontence problem in real life. and to finish this off all i gotta say is if you have any question PLEASE! ask im ALWAYS looking for a new friend, i have plans for being in minnisota in august RF in september and FF in febuary and the more i meat the happier i get but i cannot handle a mass intro in real life hehe ;_; soo kthxbai!

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    Welcome to the forum, you'll find that this community is full of friendly people with things to talk about more than just diapers.

    Hope to hear more about you and what you do. Don't be scared, we don't bite.

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    thanks. i dont bit.. hard :p wel i hope to find some people out there

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    hey guys herr fadded this avatar was done by Reva_the_scarf and the one in my profile by Tavi-munkart

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pikachu View Post
    I like the avatar you have it is very nice.
    why fank oo vewy much ^~^

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    I like this type of avatar. babyfur is very cute things.

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