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    Hey everyone! Wow where to start...well back on i was known as Baby_Joey, but wasn't really all that active, but oh wells lol. Just to refresh everyones memory I'm an Adult Baby (although I still call myself a teen baby) who some 3-4 years ago finally found a name to go with his kink/inner lifestyle/stress reliever.

    As you must know by now my name is Joe and I'm currently a 19 year old resident of the boring, sleepy little town of Camarillo, CA. I'm curretnly going to a nearby community college, but have high hopes to transfer to UCI in fall of 2009. I'm a criminalogy major who has high hopes of becoming a great district attourney and then a judge perhaps, we'll see... As of now I spend my time going to school, working at a local diner, and hanging out with my friends, and of course the occasional evening of WoW. I'm a confermed Japanophile, who has been studying the lanuage now for a year! I do enjoy a bit of writing on the side, but i tend to be really lazy about it, so most of the works, although esentially "mapped out", have not been written yet.

    Now for a little info about recent events of my life. Shortly into college I began to have huge bouts of depression. There were literally be days where I'd wake up and wonder why I continue to live. It was in that time that i became even closer to my core group of five friends, since my family has never been overly supportive of me unless it was something that give them a little satisfaction in return (ie my time spent attempting to be some football playing jock. Not that I didn't enjoy my time playing it, but after awhile it felt like I was doing it more for everyone else instead of myself). But during that half of a year i opened up to 3 of my core friends. Luckily for me, they all openly accepted me, and even confided in me about certain kinks of their own. So recently I've been trying to improve myself, and mold myself into the person I want to be, instead of the last 18 years, were I was simply content to be everyone's personality dress up doll. This is why I'm now using my better known persona of hobojoe805, because I'm trying to break free of everyone's opinions of who i should be and starting to reveal who I'm truely am, so that people will finally see the real me, and not some cookie cutter person I'm masquirading as.

    Well that about covers the basics of who I am. I'll try to be a little more active than previously, but even if I'm not your all free to contact me by AIM or e-mail if you have any problems, or just need someone to talk to.

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    I still say you're a TBDL 'til you hit 20. You're no longer in your 'teen' years then.

    Either way, welcome! Nice informative intro post ya got there, don't see them every day! <3

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    Thank you everyone for welcoming me back, hopefully I'll have some time to do posting, chatting, and writing now that finals are over... too bad I've got to go back next monday (5/19) to start again. At least it's only intro to psychology this time, so i won't be stressing as much...

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