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Thread: Europe (Benelux) - brands, types & sizes

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    Question Europe (Benelux) - brands, types & sizes

    Hello everybody,
    (fear of posting kicking in...)
    At some point - sooner or later, I probably will grab myself a pack of diapers (this word freaks me out, seriously - why is that?), I think. I can not help but notice that many (most?) people here are from the other side of the pond (the Atlantic, yes). Being in Europe the choice might (well, I expect it to) be somewhat different and most likely somewhat limited. I haven't done much research, as I don't often visit the store (lazy git lol), and I don't know the brand names to visit the website.
    I simply do not know what brands I should be looking for over here in the EU. The different types out there will probably (most likely) dazzle me, I expect the sizing to be confusing as well...

    Any help, tips, tricks, pointers - whatever you can think of - would be greatly appreciated.

    Have a nice (dry) day, or good (dry) night!


    P.S: Don't throw diaper-lingo at me please, I don't understand that (yet?).

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    Je bent uit Nederland, ja?
    Anyways, I am also looking for European websites that don't rip you off, however the only one I found was, from Germany. Recommended by many users here.

    The brand you should get is Abena Abri-Form X-Plus (if you want the most absorbent diapers in the world), Extra (less absorbent), or Super.

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    Sorry for your loss

    you might try joining Het Nederlandstalige luierforum - Home, a dutch diapers forum.
    If you live close to the border with belgium, come over and visit the bigger supermarkets. In .nl you need to check pharmacy .

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    Blimey, ye got me. Yes, The Netherlands it is.
    I haven't found anything, not even those that 'rip you off'. I don't mind Germany, I order stuff from Germany all the time (microphones, travel guitars, strings, capos, blah blah). I have run across Abena here sometimes, but not often. I'm guessing one will pay for the absorbancy, right?

    Oh, don't be sorry for the loss, I don't care for football at all, I just throught that only those who watched the World Cup would know which country I am from...
    I actually don't live too far from the border, I even had a GF that lived in Belgium a couple of years ago. I could check pharmacies too, but I'm not likely to go out visit all the pharmacies and ask around... no, tha's not like me at all (I live in an oversized village).

    Thanks for your replies.

    P.S: Joining this forum was a huge step for me already, I still have to recover from it... xD
    I will check that forum though, thanks.

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    If you saw abenas somewhere, GO FOR THEM. I can't emphasize enough how awesome they are, because they are the best adult diapers on the market!

    However, here are some other good brands to keep an eye on next time you visit a pharmacy: Molicare, Tena and Secure X. There may also be some other decent brands available, you can read up about most of them in the Wiki.

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    Don't be fooled by all the Americans posting. This site holds its' roots in Europe. There are still many of us europeans dotted around the site though it's a lot more 50/50 than it used to be.

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    In case you haven't noticed, not a single american has posted in this thread.

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    I actually meant the forum with 'here'. And, you say 'adult'? Technically, I'm an adult, but that's it, my responsibilities nor my physical appearance tell I'm an adult. I'll remember the other brands, thanks! I'll read up on them too. Now I have at least a handful of brands to look out for - not that I'd be looking for stuff that isn't even available here.

    Mr E,
    That may be, but it doesn't really show as far as I can tell. Is it the across-the-pond members that are the most active... or am I just looking in the wrong places?

    Lol, well, it's probably because the title explicitly says 'Europe'.

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    Oh well.. didn't quite get that :P.

    But you are technically an adult, and there aren't that many teen diaper around, unless you're counting drynites as some. Most TB on this forum prefer adult diapers...

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    That was my fault, haha.

    I indeed am technically an adult (didn't I state that? xD). I'll have to check around a bit (both online and offline) it seems.

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