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Thread: MY damn half-sister

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    Default MY damn half-sister

    Well i will almost never be on over the next few months as my half-sister is back for the summer. It will be hard for me to find any time to get on. Even than she does know and if i take any risk it may not turn out good.

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    damn... Is there wifi in your house? Almost everything can use that to get onto the Internet now in days.

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    Well that really sux. Is the computer in a room you share ? Or too public?

    I'm sure you will find a way, you seem like the resourceful type.

    And *try* to be nice to her, you will have her for your entire life . . .

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    That sucks, genbaby. I would definitely not risk it, if I were you. Ah well, see you when you come back.

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