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Thread: Are most male AB/DL's gay?

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    Default Are most male AB/DL's gay?

    Now I know there are some straight guys out there that have a diaper fetish. But is it my misconception or are most male diaper lovers gay? Now i cant really speak for male adult babies because Im not sure about it. What do you think or what is your sexual orientation and fetish?

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    I think it's a misconception. I'm not gay. I don't mind people who are, obviously, and have plenty of gay friends. Then again, I'm queer by any name. haha...namaste!

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    What about the ratio of how many are gay or bisexual and how many are straight? I wonder which would outweigh the other?

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    Actually, there are quite the lot of straight DL's and straight AB's for that matter. It's just that the ratio of boys to girls is HUGE.... however, some websites like diaperspace and dailydiapers you'll notice the bit of women and straight people. Places like RUP and stuff have mostly gay people. It's all a matter of where you look on the internet. I guess the majority of males are gay/bi because of this imbalance of male to female.

    I'm Bi and i'm mostly AB. I'd totally be all over any girl if I see them, but more often than not, it's a cute boy that I find first.

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    Butterfly Mage


    Most AB/DL people are straight males. I think Bittergrey did a research piece and it's something like 90% for both straight and male.

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    That is a misconception, sorry to jack your words dude. I am straight.

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    Yeah, I'm straight too, but I love dressing up as a little girl though. That doesn't make me gay (which for a long time I thought it did) because I still REALLY like the ladies. But as most people, I've no problem at all with the gays either. I absolutely love them! I know too many to count.

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    I don't really folks all these statistics but I do think its just coincidential. But if you guys must know I myself am bi.

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    I'm pretty positive that the answer to this is no.

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    I think it's the other way around dude..Im straight.

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