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Thread: Why is my HD full?

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    Default Why is my HD full?

    Ok, so I bought a laptop 2 years ago with a 100 GB hard drive. Right now, there's only around 10 GB left. My question is where the eff did all that space go, and can I do anything to recover it?

    I checked the list of programs I have installed- I don't have many games made in the last 5 years (I like retro), so they don't account for much space- around 30 GB. I have a good amount of porn, call that around 15 GB total. Aside from that, I have a lot of files, but not really anything on the scale of how much space has disappeared. Any ideas what's eating all of it up?

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    your HDD might be slightly messy, have you tried a defrag?

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    Assuming it's a Windows machine, the OS is taking up ~40GB of space by itself.

    FWIW, you could replace the hard drive with something several times your current one's size for all of $50, though if you bought one with only 100GB HDD 2 years ago, I'd imagine that it wasn't a very expensive machine and even spending $50 on it is questionable.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kokuei View Post
    your HDD might be slightly messy, have you tried a defrag?
    Which won't help with space issues in the slightest. Also, recent versions of Windows (Vista & 7, especially) will auto-defrag in the background. I haven't had to do that for years...

    But seriously, just buy a new disk. Even 640 GB (the current largest you can reasonably get for a laptop) 2.5" disks are only around 60 (~$100).

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    This should help, I use it all the time. It shows the biggest files so it will be easy to pick up what is hogging your HD. Oh, and Win XP doesn't take up 40gb - should be less than 20. For me, the windows folder is about 8 gb.

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    Quote Originally Posted by NutFreeFruitcake View Post
    Assuming it's a Windows machine, the OS is taking up ~40GB of space by itself.
    4 GB for XP SP3, 20-ish for Vista/7, actually.

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    I find that hibernating a lot of the time uses up my free space. Have you got many system restore points ? I cleared mine last week and freed up nearly 30G

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    Butterfly Mage


    You can probably free several gigabytes by clearing your browser cache.

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    I would burn all your porn to a DVD, then delete it from your computer.
    Next try Directory Report.
    It shows you the size of every folder and it can show you what your largest files are.
    Directory printer, find duplicate files, rename files, show folder size, and maintain your files - all in 1 tool

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