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    hello. names mika. im 15. i live in the ohio area. east of columbus to be exact. ive been on vacation for a bit and havent been able to write thhis so yeah. here it is. im a nice guy ugh like to game alot. its fun. heres an example of me liking to game alot. im playing bad company 2 well i type this. such a fun game. well anyway ive got blonde hair and blue eyes. no im not fat, im fluffy. and i do somewhat have a life but i tend to game alot. yeah well ugh lets see i like to go airsoft with my friends. i also like to paintball. i tend to use pistols when airsofting and i use up so much paint when i got paintballing. im not in any sports. nvr really was into sports cause i suck so badly at them. im quite intelligent though. probly my best traits are im nice, intelligent, and creative. so there it is folks. dont really know what else to say. if you have any questions, ask em now cause im going on vacation again nxt week
    oh and ugh yes i know the info is kinda randomly place. it tends to happen

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    That's okay. Welcome to the site and I hope you really enjoy your time here. It's good to see someone fill an intro with huggable information. I agree with one thing in particular, fat is an icky word.

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    1) Someone watches Gabriel Iglesias.
    2) This took you FOREVER. You were talking to me WEEKS ago.
    3) Your poor shift key must feel rejected.
    4) Games are fun.
    5) ???
    6) Profit.

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    Welcome fellow Ohioan. Hope you like this forum. By the way, what is your interest in diapers? Just curious.

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