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    Default Hi from the UK

    Ok, so I am probably old enough to be your grandfather but .... read on.
    I have almost always been a bedwetter and hated it; when I was 10 I asked my mother if I could have nappies but was turned down. At puberty I became interested in nappies I used to steal my younger sister's nappies but would never dare wet them, but I still wet at night. As my interest in nappies progressed I felt terrible and a freak. Remember that there were no forums like this to read, no, I was just a weirdo in nappies and on my own. I would go through binge/purge cycles every couple of months, throwing away all my stuff and then buying more. English boarding school was a nightmare for a bedwetter but I could do nothing about the desire for nappies and plastic pants. I was very miserable and low for many years. Indeed it was not until about ten years ago that I came to an acceptance of the fact that this was just a small part of who I am. Now if anyone discovers my nappies I just admit to incontinence and bedwetting and two of my cleaners have changed me and one even made me some nappies (cloth are the best). So I now feel the happiest I have ever felt about my AB/DL side. I have gone back to collecting toy cars and I have been bought a teddy bear (my mother threw mine away when I went to boarding school).
    My advice to all those of you who would like to 'give up' being AB/DL is that it is a very difficult route to take (shrinks etc.) and in my opinion you should embrace the AB/DL but keep it in proportion and be discreet. Have a full adult life in which AB/DL does not feature and keep it for the bedroom/leisure time.
    Sorry this is a bit long for an intro!

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    HI Teddy, Welcome aboard! So how old we talking here? I am 42 this October.
    I am trying to get to the point that I am comfortable with who I am too & am working on getting my wife to that point as well. Glad to see you found that happiness.
    & teddy bears rule! I have quite the collection myself

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    Default A question of age

    Actually I am 60! Shock horror. It goes to show that once you have these feelings they never go away. I have always seen myself as a wet six year old still in need of his nappies and the comfort they give me. I did not have a great upbringing, I think I was loved but one is aways aware of the disappointment that your parents feel when you wake up in yet another wet bed.

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    You go gramps! Hey you found something that made you happy & kept with it.

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    Welcome to the site! Youjo, me, or something is looking for friends and doesn't care about the age of people, so if you don't mind talking to someone who is 21, then let's just forget the age thing and hug and stuff.

    Other than that, I'm glad to see you here. I'm glad that you are comfortable with telling us about yourself and I hope that you continue to do so. I love collecting all sorts of things myself, like cars and dollies and stuff. So I'm sure collecting your toy cars is fun! Do you have any favorites?

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