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Thread: Sunburns - Treatment Suggestions

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    Default Sunburns - Treatment Suggestions

    Spent the weekend, plus Monday with the girlfriend at the beach. Well long story short - I forgot to use sunblock/sunscreen so it hurts!

    Yes, I got a sunburn (~ 4 hours of exposure) and aloe is just not cutting it right now.

    Any suggestions?

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    I've heard that dipping a cloth in milk and rubbing it on the effected areas can help or or you could try putting cucumber slices on those area to reduce the inflammation. Ice can help too

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    A cold bath/shower always works for me. If Aloe isn't cutting it, grab some Solarcaine, as it has Lidocaine in it... Similar numbing agent to what is used at the dentist.

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    well I can tell you what NOT to do... do nothing. I did that, it burned for a week and I peeled all over, my bed was gross. And I was dumb and did it again 2 weeks after I did it the 1st time and peeled again. It does leave a nice tan though

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    Quote Originally Posted by dragsnick View Post
    Vinegar helps.... The clear kind. ^^
    Really? I use apple cider vinegar, and I think it works better than plain vinegar.

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    lots of lotion, drink plenty of water and if it hurts take some over counter pain killers. really no tmuch you can do once you get burnt :/

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    I like Tescos after the sun. The stuff that comes in a blue bottle, but I've only been sunburnt once because I'm very careful with my skin.

    Hope you feel better soon

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    Drink lots of water and find some of that sunburn aloe/cooling gel stuff. It initially cools the area (when you blow on it), but then dries off and alleviates the pain. When your skin starts peeling, get dampen your hands, sprinkle with some sugar crystals and rub to remove the dead skin.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Altric View Post
    Really? I use apple cider vinegar, and I think it works better than plain vinegar.

    They dont have that where Im from... so clear vinegar works.

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