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Thread: Bambimo sample pack. Is it discrete? What should i tell my parents?

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    Default Bambimo sample pack. Is it discrete? What should i tell my parents?

    Hello. I am buying diapers for the first time. I have a pre-paid card with a 20$ limit. I was wondering when i buy the bambino diaper sample pack, if it comes in the mail when my parents are here, what should i say? Is the sample pack a big box?

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    What should I do for the shipping? Do i speng an extra 5 $ and get it 2-3 day shipping? or just wait for free?

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    Tell em its drugs. :<

    seriously. just tell em it's a package and you'd like it if they would respect your privicy/legal rights and not open it and only put it on your bed.

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    The only problem I have with the sample is that its through the USPS, and I've known them to be unreliable, and im pretty sure there isnt a tracking number given.

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    As long as you don't think they'll open the package when it arrives, the t-shirt idea sounds really good. it's about the right size, weight, and feel. Might be a good idea to have a new t-shirt handy and new in your room and come down and show them after more discretely opening in your room.

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