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    Default Heyas!

    Well, hello one and all. What can I honestly say? I am a 25 year old ABDL. I currently live in Saskatchewan, Canada but will soon be a citizen of the world with no fixed address as I will be backpacking the globe for about fourteen months. Or so. It will all depend on money, as with most things!!

    Outside the diaper world I enjoy things like camping, hiking, geocaching, and ballroom dance. I am a pretty easy going guy. At least I would like to think so! Always up for meeting new and interesting people. I am hoping to meet some cool people to chat and such.

    Thanks for reading my intro! I really do kinda suck at these! lol

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    you had a better intro than some (and a much better intro than most )

    anyways welcome to ADISC my first question in my interrogation :P is what is geocaching?

    Welcome again and I dont think we bite here :/

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    Hey there! Your introduction is perfectly fine, short and sweet, that's how things should be

    Welcome, nice to meet you!

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    Geocaching is a worldwide scavenger hunt. People hide containers of stuff and then post the latitude and longitude coordinates online for other people to use in their GPS to find it. It sounds kinda geeky but it's really quite fun!

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    Like what kind of treasure do you find like last nights meatloaf or is there anything good?

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    Hi, nice to meet you, and welcome to ADISC!

    I have to say that's one of the most interesting intros I've read so far, you must be very adventerous.

    What continent(s) are you going to be hiking on for these 14 months, and do you have a specific route charted yet?

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    The treasures are usually just dollar store toys. That's mainly for the kids that go and do the activity. You practice a "Take something, leave something" mentality. For the adults, it's the thrill of the hunt. I have one hidden in my home city here. I took a small container with a rolled up piece of paper inside for people to sign. Then I superglued pine cone seeds all along the outside of it to make it resemble a pine cone. Then I tied it up in a pine tree. Two years there and only about 20 people have been able to find it.

    And to answer Descolada - I am currently planning on hitting every continent except for Antarctica. Although, Africa will mainly consist of me visiting Morocco and Egypt, but it counts!!! I only have a very basic idea of my route planned out. I've got 14 months, why rush it!

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    To start with your user name (I love it) seems to fit with your upcoming world wide trek. Quite an adventure you are proposing. How are you funding your travels? Did a wealthy relative die and leave a hefty inheritance or have you been saving for years? With the world's economy in the shitter and jobs being scarce, this seems as rational as any other course of action. I hope you have a great deal of international savy, as travel, particularly the kind you are suggesting can be quite perilous, especially if you resemble any kind of American. (Remember, you are North American - maybe that's just as bad).

    Welcome to ADISC! Thanks, now I have another 25 year old to worry about. OMG, I wonder if pangaeanshift made it out of Tibet this week? He hasn't posted anything in 3 weeks. Well anyway have a good time.


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    Haha I love geocaching! Good for you!

    I've only found a few - I'm pretty rubbish at it, but my friend goes camping all around Scotland to find them! He took me with him once and he was SO fast at solving the clues! Damn him!

    Welcome to ADISC

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    @Diapered Rabbit - Nope! I haven't even left my humble abode yet! I don't leave Saskatoon until November 28. I've actually been working two jobs in order to save up money for this trip. I have one full time job that I've been using for bills, rent, to pay for school(which I'm done now!), etc. And one part time job that is strictly for the trip. As well, my full time job is one that garners me tips so I save those up as well to put towards my trip. I've been saving for about a year and a half and should have, after paying for all my flights(~$8300 total), around $20,000 of spending money to live off of.

    @Talula - I'm up to 200 finds now!!!

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