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Thread: The Bounds of Appropriateness: Pooping in a Cafe?

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    Default The Bounds of Appropriateness: Pooping in a Cafe?

    Hi All...
    I've been having some fun with dipes these days...with an apartment to myself while my gf is at work, I've been taking advantage and wearing diapers almost every day. She is a playing participant in baby games, but I just choose to leave her out of the really dirty stuff.

    I'm asking this because I am a nonconformist-type and generally am not concerned with my bodily smells, and will tend to push boundaries and do many things outside the bounds of social order. I'd like to know whether my public pooping is, well, outside those bounds. I always debate whether I should really poop in public and in the past few years have shied away from doing so, preferring instead to do the deed while I'm riding my bike home or somewhere at least outside.

    Often I find I have to squat or move around in a way that makes it easier if I'm somewhere semi-private. Ever notice toddlers do the same?

    Anyway, so the other day I was sitting inside in a cafe and the coffee started working on my tummy. I pushed just a little harder than I would to let out a little fart, and...pop! A tiny squirt of mushy poop came out. It was just a little though, which I think can be kind of fun and not too smelly. I thought I shouldn't go much more, since I didn't want to embarrass myself...and actually had my computer plugged into a wall across from my table where an attractive young girl was sitting (which makes things worse, don't you think?)

    A few minutes later though, a stronger wave tickled my bowels...I just had to push a bit and...splat...poop started coming out! It felt very babyish!

    It was squishy enough that even with a relatively tight diaper and tight shorts it found its way out. Sometimes that can be really painful and uncomfortable, and it scares me to totally poop with tight clothes on...but luckily I was dealing with really mushy poo. It wasn't an enormous amount, but still significant. All of a sudden I froze! I felt I could not move for fear it would really start to stink up the place. And now, uh-oh, what do I do? I had to get up, at least to leave and take my plug out from the wall, bending down! I did it as quickly as possible without looking up at the girl sitting next to the power strip, and bolted for the door.

    Anyway, so do guys you think this violated some ethical code?

    Thanks all for your advice!

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    Yes, you've voilated some ethical code. There's a minimum of respect humans must show each other for society to function. That includes keeping nuisances to people's senses to a minimum, i.e. keep the volume down, don't dress in inappropriate clothng (or not dress at all), do not touch people unless absolutely necessary, and avoid causing unnecessary smells.
    It's one thing to be incontinent. If you can't help it, people may still have some sort of residual respect for your situation, even if it does not maketheir experiences any better, because the smell will be in their noses too, and they don't have the fun you may have from basically shitting yourself in the presence of others.

    Also, you broke a few social norms of this forum:
    (1) Post an introduction before you post anything else,
    (2) Keep the description civil. No one really wishes to find out about the consistency of your digested food remains, and
    (3) your story is bordering the land of far-fetched, because you either purposely tried to stink up the area around a "young attractive girl", or that part of the story seems unlikely.


    P.S.: To protect any uncareful minors from taking a dump on their social status, I've moved this to the Adult Baby forum and will add this warning: Don't do this in public, kids!

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    I think your story is believable enough, and I think that since you got out of there quickly you really weren't making... erm... too much of a stink. I wouldn't make a habit of it, but sure, it is fun, and as long as you make a point of leaving relatively quickly if you do something like that, it's not going to cause any real harm to anybody. It's basically the same as farting.

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    Quote Originally Posted by element View Post
    I think your story is believable enough, and I think that since you got out of there quickly you really weren't making... erm... too much of a stink. I wouldn't make a habit of it, but sure, it is fun, and as long as you make a point of leaving relatively quickly if you do something like that, it's not going to cause any real harm to anybody. It's basically the same as farting.
    So I can walk into your house, shit in my pants and you'll be fine with it? Seriously, just because you may think your shit smells better then most doesn't mean it is, and even if it was it's still nasty and that's why a majority of AB's NEVER do this type of thing. Shitting in your pants while being around other people is forcing your fetish upon the public which is extremely rude and even unfair.. people into BDSM don't walk up to you and put chains and collars on you then whip you at coffee shops.

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    No. Just. No.
    People like you are the reason why I'm ashamed to be part of this community.

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    I find it weird that you need to ask such a question. Of course you violated the ethical code, how would you like it if a stranger sat next to you just crapped himself without thinking about the other people around him. You were just completely inconsiderate of that girl's feelings and really should have attempted to find a bathroom even if you were wearing at the time.

    Also whether you moved or not didn't stop the smell spreading, the molecules responsible for the smell would have diffused naturally anyway.

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    Butterfly Mage


    The few times I have had messy accidents in public (and these occurrences were never intentional) my top priority was to get cleaned up and changed as soon as possible. I don't like to smell bad.

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    Messing public is a no-no, i avoid it at all costs, as long as it is cleaned up quickly it should be fine

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    Yep pooing in public is quite wrong. You should really find something else to do with your free time. Why not try a sport or a club? Probably not volunteering with children would be the best idea but something else might keep you busy instead of soiling yourself in public and making a bad name for all of us.

    I've pooped in private a couple of times, normally when I have had serious diahrrea. It's not nice and afterwards I'm always sitting there asking myself why oh why did I do it? It smells and it feels horrible and it hurts. Then again each to their own!

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    Ok guys...thanks. I am very appreciative of your replies. I had to ask because I wasn't sure - I am generally somewhat lacking in social awareness due to some psychological issues and it is not something that comes naturally to me - it goes way beyond being an AB.

    However, aren't there some caveats? Is it okay if you are sitting outside, in a ventilated place, and go quickly to clean up? The chance that I would be detected or upset someone seems much lower then. But I hear that many of you say no public poop is okay at all. It's one thing in Times Square and then getting on a subway...I understand why that is really gross. But in a quiet place with few around?

    Doing it at home doesn't seem to make much sense at all though - a certain amount of the excitement comes from being spontaneous when you are out...if you have a toilet right there, then, why bother?

    I get the sense from reading the boards that a lot of people don't like their own poo because of socialization that makes us self-conscious of our own smells and teaches us it is yucky - something babies (and I guess me to some extent) don't really have. I do get a lot of pleasure out of it, so for me it is nice, but I am also concerned about minimizing an effect on others.

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