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Thread: Do you play any instruments?

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    Post Do you play any instruments?

    I love music, and started playing different instruments early on. Nowadays, I mainly play the guitar, bass, lute, ukulele and mandolin. I'm also planning on getting either a harp or an accordeon. I'm not a very good singer, so I'm going to have to work on that

    So, do you play any instruments? And if yes, which ones? It's always interesting to see which ones are more common than others!

    Oh, and I'm sorry if there are similar threads to this one.

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    I play both drums and guitar as well as a few other percussion instruments. I'm guessing that guitar will probably be the most common

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    I play piano Euphonium Trombone Handbells and I sing, I am what some would consider a freak O.O

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    I Can Play Air guitar And Air Drums...... Thats About it :P

    I Seriously couldn't play an instrument if i tried :P


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    Sure do... I play violin, bass guitar, some acoustic or electric guitar, and some piano.

    I want to develope my skills more and take on even more instruments, actually.

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    Classical guitar including some lute tunes, though I don't actually have a lute, plus a bit of piano.

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    I play violin, and I've been playing for almost 3 years now (3 full school years, I started learning in orchestra, but am doing private lessons instead with my orchestra teacher). I own an acoustic violin, an electric violin, and an awesome amp for my electric. I prefer my electric over my acoustic, and I love playing violin.

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    I like the woody sound of an acoustic violin, myself... I should break that thing out again.

    *needs a new bow*

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    Ah, a Violin goes very nicely with an acoustic guitar, don't you think? I listen a lot to Argentinian music, that combination shows up alot

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    My main instrument is violin but I play trumpet and acoustic guitar as well.

    For those who play violin (as it seems like there are a few here), what kind(s) do you have? My main acoustic is a scherl & roth but I also have two electric violins: Yamaha 5-String and Zeta 4-String Strados. Of the two, I prefer the Yamaha hands down.

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