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    Hey I am a babyfur. No name atleast not to strangers. I am in to diaper and pacifiers. I want to and will eventually unpotty train myself till I am unaware of it! >:3

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    ...Faren, first off are you really sure about that? If you go through with it you may regret it (not speaking from personal experience, but from I guess you could call it intuition)
    Second: What are your other interests? This site technically isn't all about just diapers (I think), you don't have to give your name if you don't want to. We'd just like to know more about the real you.
    Finally: It's nice to meet you and welcome to ADISC.

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    Hi, and welcome to ADISC!

    That might not have been the best introduction in the world, but it happens. Just imagine if someone walked up to you in real life that you'd never met, and their introduction was basicly limited to their fetishes! It'd be a bit weird wouldn't it?

    On a side note, since you brought it up, there are people on this site who are incontinent for one reason or another that will be happy to tell you what an inconvenience it can be. I've heard some people refer to it as a "curse", and I'd imagine you would propably regret it in the long run.
    Not trying to demean your fantasies or anything, just propably not the best opening line.

    So, let's start over: Hi, nice to meet you, I'm Descolada! Do you have any interests or hobbies or anything that defines you as a person?

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    yeah I am sure, but thank you for being polite about it. (I have seen others less kind). I am sorry but I am terrible at offering introductions, really that only came to mind cause those interests are what brought me here. I guess I also like reading and video games. If you have any questions I would happily answer. (well most anyway)

    EDIT: Because I wanted to be incontinent, the mods lower my status for defending myself from flamers, and even called me and IDIOT in one. This forum is not a good place for anyone not born incontinent, so I am leaving.
    Last edited by Faren; 17-Aug-2010 at 22:15.

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    Seriously unless you're prepared to want to hate wearing 24/7 360 Days, don't do it, as you'll regret it in the end.

    Anyways, Welcome to ADISC, any other interests you would like to share with the Court?

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    Welcome to ADISC! What kinda stuff are you interested in Faren? Do you like any particular games or sports or anything? Help us get to know you!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Faren View Post
    No, not everyone Is equal... respect is earned like trust. Your location for example is just downright distasteful and being "TREATED SECOND CLASS BY THE MODS CAUSE "I DON"T KNOW WHAT IT"S LIKE TO BE BORN INCONTINENT"!" really has nothing to do with you not being incon - that's just silly to think. Your 'mod' status is probably from throwing temper tantrums and trying to start drama. Your reaction to just quit and leave? Well, sorry to hear - but if you stayed and chilled out and maybe just stopped being bratty and talked normally to ppl you would see your rep go higher? That would just make sense now wouldn't it? Common sense? Ah well... maybe it's just best I say....
    Buh Bye now!

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    Sad part is, he is probably mistaking rep comments for mod action. Still, it doesn't matter. I've never seen anyone climb out of the rep hole once in it.

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