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Thread: Oh I hate living in a high-rise sometimes... UGH

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    Default Oh I hate living in a high-rise sometimes... UGH

    Kinda been an interesting night... While trying to get some stuff packed up to move into storage at my mom and dad's house as they have moved back to Ohio from Philadelphia, PA- I found a leak.

    Keep in mind, I live in a high-rise apartment complex. Leaks are common-place in those. Especially in a building that has been in existence since the late '60s.

    Well, some of my prized stuffed animals were soaked, thankfully not ruined, but need to be air-dried out and some of my books were ruined, moldy. I found mold on THREE of my FoxTrot books, and mold on one Calvin & Hobbes book, I had to trash a copy of a Star Trek novel, and I had to move things around so they could get to where the leak is. UGH.

    NOT a good night.

    Right now, I am hoping I don't get kicked out if they find mold in the walls or something, cause if they do, I'll suit their asses, as it was their fault, and not mine for the leak.


    Sorry, had to rant a bit and kinda cheesed off.

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    Ah Wildthing, I am so sorry. We keep a lot of things stored in our basement, and we discovered a long time ago that it's a good idea to buy those big plastic storage bins with the locking lids. Whether you live in a high rise or in your own home, leaks happen. Water is so incredibly damaging. As a precaution, I would wash the plushies, because I would be afraid of eventual mold damage. Besides, I'm guessing that water wasn't very clean.

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    Probably not, but I am just going to deal with it... I don't want to wash the plushies because if I do, two would be obliterated in the machine as they are old. One was one my mom made me, and one was on that was given to me when I was little kid in '80 at the folk's church. Mantenence came over and thinks the leak was caused by a pipe repair done around '99 or '98 as I have lived in my apartment since March 2, 1996. Only reason I called maintenence was because I thought the apartment next to mine was empty as it had been for the past few weeks.

    On retrospect, the books should be OK. I just hope mold won't get me kicked out as the leak was NOT my fault.


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    That's just too bad, I hope all will be alright.
    +1 on the storage boxes.

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    That sucks. =( *huggles*

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    An update if you will, Mr. Limpet, the one whale I was most upset about is dried off, and I am going to ask my mom how to clean him off, as he's old and my mom made him for me when I was four. I can still remember finding Mr. Limpet under the tree on Christmas Day 1979. Mr. Limpet means a lot to me... Porky, is all dried out... he's a purple porpise that was given to me when I was 5 from someone at the church, and is OK. Porky has a few holes and running him through a machine scares me.

    So far, no signs of mold on them. My mom is gonna look over my whales. My mom has an idea for storing them in the future, even though I liked to have them out in the open.

    What I found out also was that there WAS a leak behind the wall where I had them in a cubby hole under a bookcase which was where I had hidden the whales and some of my books til I could find a more appropriate area for the books- and NOBODY effin' told me about it.

    I should have suspected something was funny when I had a funky smell in my apartment, but I chalked it up to my trash, which I took out IMMEDIATELY after noticing the smell. The smell should have warned me about the leak, but I was tired, frustrated and half nuclear-bombed from hanging with one of my best friends after work.


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