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Thread: Baby Food - Worst/Best

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    Default Baby Food - Worst/Best

    What's the worst and best Gerber baby food?

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    Best in my opinion: Pears. Love that stuff.
    Worst in my opinion: Whatever the hell that Chicken and Rice crap is. EEUGH.

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    Green Beans are the worst (of course since I don't like beans in the first place that may be why). I love all the fruit, esp. Fruit Medely.

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    i like all the fruit ones but cant stand any of the veggies or others but thats me

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    I've never had it, but my Mom used to say that the fruit kinds were OK, but the meat kinds were atrocious. Personally, I've always equated baby food with pet food -- that strange, odd-smelling substance that you know you could eat but would never want to actually put in your mouth. When I have kids, I'm going to make them baby food.

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    I always fantasize about being forced to eat it, but never can bring myself to do so. I always have a few jars in the kitchen that seem to sit there forever. I buy the Earth's Best stuff - organic seems like a good way to go, and I like the sound of some of the flavors - The two I have now are rice and lentils and sweet Potatoes and corn. How often do you guys eat the stuff?

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    it looks kind of nasty to me. I just get some cooked vegetables put them in a blender add some salt and peper and blend them . it looks like baby food and tastes much better

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    The best flavor that I have had are the pears.
    The worst flavor that I have had is the peas or banana. (I hate bananas with a passion)

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    Banana is my absolute favorite. I really really like it, it's so delicious. <3

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    I have never tried baby food before. Then again, I am VERY picky when it comes to food texture. I could never bring myself to do it because I can't eat very mushy things. Soft yes, but TOO soft and I'll never eat it. Same thing with foods that go crunch.

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