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    So I guess I should post an introduction. The name is Matt, and I have been in diapers my whole life. Not by choice, but medically. I wear goodnights pretty much all day and night. I actually kind of like it though. It's not something I talk about much, as it's kind of embarassing. I figure this community may help calm some of that....

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    Welcome to ADISC Matt. So you wear for medical reasons? Must be tough. I'm a bit curious, but if you're not comfortable with the questions I'm about to ask you don't have to answer. What are your interests (outside of the whole diaper thing)?

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    School kind of rules my life. Other than that just hanging out with friends or playing video games.

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    Hello there and welcome to the site!

    What kinda video games do you play, as a gamer mahself?

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    Shooters for the most part, anything on 360 or ps3. Bad Company 2 and MW2 are my current favorites.

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