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    Hi All!
    I'm a 22 (going on 2) year old Ab from Washington DC. I am looking for friends to chat or to play with. My favorite outfit is my bib overalls with stripes, blue t-shirt and an abu crushie. Would really love to meet some DC locals!

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    Hello bigblondebaby, (mind if I call you BBB? Your username is a bit long). It's nice to meet you and welcome to ADISC. Are you comfortable with telling us a little more about your non-*B/DL life? Like, what are you interested in? Or, What kind of music do you enjoy? Stuff like that. We promise we won't bite.

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    Hi Kxdeadx,

    BBB is fine, I am still a student. I am studying cultural anthropology. I like to keep a balance between by AB life and my everyday. I love art, photography, and music. I enjoy many different kinds of music, very broad. Old delta blues, rap, soul, indie, electronic, you name it as long as its good. Not sure what else to say, sorry not very good at introductions. I would be happy to answer any other questions.

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    It's okay, I'm not sure that my intro was that great when I first joined. Don't worry, you get used to it. You like photography? That's pretty cool. but when it comes to rap/hiphop/R&B etc. I think my school bus rides ruined it for me. If you can show me some good songs I'm pretty sure it's redeemable though. I'm mostly into rock...uhh...I forget what else! I listen to a bit of a variety of music, and I have trouble remembering the names of bands and songs and whatnot. Hopefully one of these days that can be cured.

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    How nice to meet fellow music lovers! I'm a musician myself, as my user name indicates
    Welcome to ADISC!

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