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Thread: A big problem with the American Criminal Justice system.....

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    Default A big problem with the American Criminal Justice system.....

    Too many people are way too focused on being so "tough on crime" and "tough on criminals" that they really do not care if any innocent people get their lives ruined in the process.

    There is a very real problem in my country these days when a prosecutor, a cop, or a federal agent wants to make a name for himself, so he rushes to lock somebody up for a crime even if the evidence supporting that claim is not substantial.

    The end result? There is a substantial number of people serving time in prison for crimes they did not commit. Even more frustrating are the cases when the prosecuting party knows that person is innocent, but swears up and down in the courtroom to the contrary just so they can get their conviction and their paycheck.

    I wish this post was a paranoid conspiracy theory rant, and that this was not a real problem.

    Wait, it gets better. In the rare cases when an innocent person gets his conviction overturned, he has access to none of the services that actual felons get once they get released from prison, yet they still carry all of the stigma around with them for the rest of their lives anyway.

    My solution to this? Demand honesty in the legal process, and hold the liars accountable for their actions. Prosecutors and lying law enforcement agents openly lie in the courtrooms all of the time, yet very rarely do they ever face perjury charges. I say we start locking some of those people up.

    Yeah, this is something that I feel very strongly about.

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    Perhaps all in the courtroom (not just "witnesses") need to "swear to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth" I know it sounds somewhat corny, but it does make sense when you think about it.

    In other words, I agree with what you're saying. Using dishonesty to make a name for yourself IMO is wrong. Heck, I don't like dishonesty in general.

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    In England and Wales you get prosecuted by the Crown Prosecution Service, a government body that's responsible for prosecuting in criminal cases. There's nothing wrong with not getting a guilty verdict... The job of the prosecutor is to make the best case she can for the defendant being guilty, and a competent defence will prove otherwise.
    If the CPS knew a defendant was innocent... well the case wouldn't be in court.
    Being tough on crime is more just a political problem here, where harsher penalties and laws are made... I'm not sure we have such a problem with making nice prosecution statistics...

    American law is pretty strange. In these cases you talk about, why are defence failing to prove the defendant innocent?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Charlie F View Post
    American law is pretty strange. In these cases you talk about, why are defence failing to prove the defendant innocent?
    Because in the American legal system, it's not really about if the person actually did it or not. Prosecution lawyers and judges keep their positions by getting more and more convictions, and police officers keep their jobs by getting more and more arrests. The more people they lock up, the more secure their jobs are, and they know that very well, and many of them are willing to lie and cheat to keep their job security without giving a fuck about who they harm in the process.

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    Well, good luck here on Earth. IMO, never going to happen. Even Fedreral agents and police get paid off, there's no way to resist it for those who want it.

    It seems everyone wants to get popular and get fame, not going to change. Same thing as scammers, they're willing to do anything to get money.

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    Heh, you're right, probably never going to happen, but a man has got to be allowed to dream, right?

    I really hate my country's legal system, and the people who enforce it, and the people who blindly support it without question. Sure, there are honest people working in that system, but they don't tend to be the ones who get any significant amount of power.

    More and more basic civil rights are being voted away, under the guise of being "tougher on crime". The people who vote for these laws really do not think that it will affect them negatively - until it does, that is, and by that point it is too late for them to take the power back.

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    No system we create will ever be fail safe. Even the best of the best in the justice system are still subject to error and yes it can cause a lot of headache and suffering. Money can easily change the hearts and minds of people, especially those working in positions of authority. I know it sucks, but we have to deal with it.

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    Citizens "just dealing" with the poor choices of the people who are supposed to represent them is a sure-fire way to a civilization's decline.

    Actually doing something about it - that's something more people should be interested in pulling off.

    Too many Americans are politically inactive, getting most of their "facts" from either far-right (Fox) or far-left (CNN) sources. If more people were willing to get involved in what was going on in this country, there might be more hope that things could change for the better.

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    It's gotten to the point to where nobody even gives a damn anymore. People continue to live in debt and got no choice but to go to their 9-5 jobs just to scrape by. Most people don't even have the time to take a step back and think about what's going on. If the people do not care than that leaves the government to do what they wish with us. If the people really knew what was going on, the 2nd American Revolution would've already begun. Hollywood with the help of federal funding I'm sure, has done a good job at cranking out distractions for the American people so they won't know what's going on until its too late. I guess the latest celebrity scandal (whatever it may be) or the latest and greatest American Idol is more important than keeping an eye on the actions of the government.

    To be honest I've been trying to get more politically involved but it hasn't been easy. Much of it I still don't understand and I wouldn't even know where to begin. Most of my friends avoid talking about this stuff with me, and I'm not going to cram it down their throats to make a point. The harder I push, the more they push back and get pissed at me. As frustrated as I am about all that's been going on, I'm still glad to live in a relatively free country.

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    Butterfly Mage


    I actually work in criminal justice. I can tell you that career criminals go Scott-free every day. My third case ever was a VOP in which a 22-year-old had been let out of jail just six months into a 20-year sentence for murder. The first thing he did was shoot someone else -- 17 times. This was at the tail-end of a crime spree that generated 11 open cases with 51 total charges. It took long enough to print the statement of charges that the defendant exclaimed, "Dis gonna take a long time? I gotta go to the Mosque!"

    Likewise, I run across cases every day in which an offender gets four months for armed robbery, six months for rape, nine months for child-rape, two weeks for drug distribution. The irony is that a repeat DUI often gets several YEARS in jail.

    The criminal justice system is certainly broken -- but not in the way that the original poster imagines. It is broken because the guilty don't get punished. Of what deterrent is it when you can rob a clerk at gunpoint and face only a few months if you are caught?

    Oh, and the handling of illegal aliens is completely broken. Rather than being deported, they get access to Spanish-speaking public defenders. Their charges are almost always dismissed and the offender is just cut loose back into the community.

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