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Thread: Hiya all!

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    Default Hiya all!

    Hiya Everyone Been on the site for over 3 weeks as I lost my password I could'nt get back on but anyway,
    I'm 14 years old I am a DL

    My Intrests are Gaming, Technolagy and Music (Dance) anyone else like Dance Here.

    Yer so..that's it
    Have a nice Day!

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    Hello, and welcome. what games do you play? I'm a bit of a gamer myself. Modern Technology, you gotta love it. I'm not that good of a dancer though. I'm too shy.

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    Hiya, People Reply Fast
    Games er...Shooters, Strategy and whatever else looks good! But at the moment Mainly Battlefield bc2 and Modern Warfare 2. What 'bout you?

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    I mostly play RPGs like Chrono Cross, but I also like games like Ratchet and Clank too. lately I've been playing an old fighting game called Evil Zone as well as Batman Arkham Asylum.

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    Hi STLC! Welcome to the cult.

    Cool, another gamer! I'm more of an RPG/MMO/Relaxed gaming sort now, I know I used to love me some Halo (especially the storyline).

    I'm a WoW addict, sometimes I find myself playing Warcraft III now and then too. Sims 3 is good times, Especially Create a World. I rarely ever touch the sims themselves, but the building is awesome! I poke around in Elder Scrolls: Oblivion here and there too. Though my TES Construction Set seems to be having issues, and things don't get saved properly.
    Know what I want to bring out and play again? URU. Or maybe the earlier Myst games..

    <trails off endlessly about more games...>

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    Yay! Nice to meet a fellow gamer and music lover! Welcome!

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    FadeLB Funny Post You got there
    Anyone enjoying the weather?

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