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Thread: Did anyone or is anyone attending Warped Tour this year???

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    Cool Did anyone or is anyone attending Warped Tour this year???

    I did last Thursday in Charlotte, it was freakin awesome! I got tons of great pics and vids with my new camera, it was amazing! I got to see (in no particular order): Haste The Day, The Cab, Anarbor, Artist Vs Poet, The Rocket Summer, VersaEmerge, Sum 41, The Word Alive, Pennywise, Closure In Moscow, Conditions, Emarosa, and Hey Monday along with a few songs by Alesana, Eyes Set To Kill, and a couple of others.

    If any of u guys have been this year, how was yur experience? who all did u see???

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    I really wanted to, but I was in Canada the day they came to NY...
    I wanted to see Suicide Silence, Parkway Drive, Alesana, and a few others that I can't recall off of the top of my head. Although a friend did get me a Parkway Drive shirt because she felt bad.

    I'll just have to see those bands at real concerts this winter... haha. Indoor venues=10x better at destroying your ears. That's why I wear Skull Screws...

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    nice, yea, my roomie got to see Suicide Silence, WhiteChapel, Parkway Drive... yea, just all the brutal stuff that makes u wanna start randomly hardcore dancing when u hear it (which is totally not a bad thing, I do that all the time). It was pretty brutal, but last year had The Devil Wears Prada and Underoath so that was super awesome. I can't wait to see what next year has in store

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