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Thread: Making the Perfect Baby's Day?

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    Default Making the Perfect Baby's Day?

    Didn't think this was posted in any form yet.. but if it is I apologize.

    Well, me and my best friend have tried to have days where I can just fully become a baby for a whole day. The concept has always been fun to me but.. even when we overcome the awkwardness, which we have by now, sometimes we just don't know what do to fill with the time.

    For some reason, despite my creativity I just always kinda blank out on this one subject. So I wanted to ask other people for help, what other innocent babyish things could me and my best friend/mommy do to make Baby Youjo's day super special?

    Also, for the sake of allowing people to just have something to talk about.. you could describe your perfect baby day too.

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    what do you usually do on this day? Maybe we can help if we know a bit more about this day how it looks right now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pikachu View Post
    what do you usually do on this day? Maybe we can help if we know a bit more about this day how it looks right now.
    Well, I mean.. do the normal things. She feeds me my bottles and she changes me. Sometimes we watch babyish stuff together and play with my toys and stuff.. and take tons of naps. But I notice that after a few hours we have done all of this and other than nap and re-do it all, we've run out of things to do. I was wondering if there is any fun games or just anything fun that we could do fill the day with joy.

    Maybe I sound silly but the idea of having a full day of just... loving escape sounds so therapeutic to me. I'm hoping I can experience it soon.

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    You could watch a children's movie. That would take up and hour and a half. If you had a swing you could do that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dogboy View Post
    You could watch a children's movie. That would take up and hour and a half. If you had a swing you could do that.
    True.. but to be honest, Disney movies for instance actually bring about a certain amount of bad memories. But I have my Strawberry Shortcake so we could definitely do that. Maybe eat some nummy num snacks or something and just relax.

    Sometimes I guess I'm just worried that I'm boring her you know? I guess I was hoping I could find something that my friend will find interesting enough to have fun too. That might be apart of this all and my dilemma.

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    I'm more into muppets or fraggle rock, but I'd have to say going to the park with overalls, a pacifier clipped on, and a child's safety harness on. While being driven there (or walking there would be fun too) I would need a car seat (with the overhead bar so it feels like a rollercoaster <3) to keep me secure. Juice in a sippy cup or bottle and cereal in a cup is a good snack while there too.
    When home, a mid day nap is a must, and with that so is a blanket and stuffed animal (and by this time a diaper change too :P).
    Can't think of what else to do after that. Maybe pool time?

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    Try finger painting she can play too.Some times mom would let us help make cookies you know with candy for eyes and play with the stuff you make them with .Foxkits

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    if disney movies hold bad memories for you, what about some of the newer pixar ones? I have to agree with kite, a nap is absolutely necissary. Making cookies, or finger painting would be good too.

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    All's that's running through my mind is that I've got a whole week -- half of my second honeymoon weeks -- to be a baby inside a cabin in the woods. How could you call yourself silly talking about a day when you knew this beforehand?

    I trust my husband to spare me from boredom. Also, I know that there will be surprises and not-quite-surprises in store for me. Any member of modern society that wants to get away from civilization and net for two weeks is someone who had just better deal with dull moments when they arise.

    Personally, I'm easily entertained when pampered. Hours fly by. One reason for this is that the mindset I'm in is a more tired one, and everyone knows that time flies when sleeping. Everyone also knows that time flies when you're having fun. Being semi-awake and having fun at the same time creates a phenomenon that never fully lasts long enough for me.

    As I was trying to describe what it's like for me, I realized that part of what I was saying was, in essence, "I am massaged and caressed for long stretches of time." That probably wouldn't work for most people. It is a matter of the personality my husband has combined with my own that makes this work as well as it does for us.

    So, let's see, there are/is...
    • Snuggles
    • Diaper changes
    • Changes to baby clothes
    • Hair put in pigtails
    • Story times
    • Bath times
    • Indoor "Picnics" (and this one crazy time he insisted on an outdoor picnic in a place where no one would look, but I was so damn nervous that we haven't tried that again)
    • Feedings (everything from baby bottles to Italian coffee cake)
    • Bib
    • Pacifier
    • Plush toys
    • Talking
    • Wonder why the pacifier's back
    • Movies/Shows
    • Naps
    • Coloring
    • Crawling (i.e. the good ol' "trying to walk and pretending I cannot" -- or actually having a tough time of it because he turned on a vibrator in my diaper)
    • Regressing to the point of getting carried everywhere instead of so much as crawling
    • Alternatively, "learning to walk" with his help

    There is more, but I think you get the idea. We also have this method that appeals to my left brain hemisphere in which I regress more with every day. We always divide this up into days, consequently, and that's part of why a full week works so well. I have this feeling that we are going to have a public day when on vacation, as we'll be around people we'll never see again. He's buying new props for the trip.

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