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Thread: This place actually exists?

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    Smile This place actually exists?

    First sentence,
    I have wanted to wear, wet, and mess diapers for as long as I can remember.

    I have searched for Teen Diaper Forums forever to only find nothing. I never knew that this place exists. I joined to see Videos which didn't work out.

    I have wanted to wear diapers these last 3 years, so bad for some reason but IDK why.

    My Birthday was yesterday and am now 18. I hate I went threw wanting diapers without anyone else sharing this quality to talk to. Would 18 be Teen or Adult? (I mean is 18 or 21 adult because most commonly Adult sites list 18 and 19 as teen)

    I still live with my parents so buying Diapers are out of the question for me. Also anything that I do has to be able to be cleaned up without anything having to be washed or thrown away so not many choices.

    My parents are always home when i'm home, unless I get home from College early, which will be starting back soon. So I would like to get a plan of things that I can do then.

    So, there's my intro and i'm glad to have found this forum!

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    Welcome!!! now that we know about your diaper life and there are people like me willing to help you. tell us more about your other intrests and hobbies outside of the ab/dl realm

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    If you have some income... Get a PO box. I got all of my stuff shipped there and was able to sneak stuff home past roomates at my leisure. At 18 you are kinda on the fringe. I find that once you hit 22-24+, things that used to worry me and cause me grief when I was younger just doesnt exist anymore. I think teen forums are good for people that are still living at home, go to school, or find themselves without much money (Ah, the life of a teenager haha)

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    I guess that would have to be Playing Piano, Bike Riding, and Programming.
    Not too meny other people with those three :P

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    I missed your intro, we joined around the same day I think.

    The piano is a beautiful instrument. I would love to be able to play one. But I would also love to not be lazy, which must come first.

    It's great to meet you! I'm glad you found it too!

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    Programming? that sounds pretty cool! I think you're gonna fit in nicely here.

    Nice to meet you and Welcome to ADISC!

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    Heck yeah! Programming rox! Welcome to the forums!

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