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Thread: Explaining Deliveries to nosy people

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    Default Explaining Deliveries to nosy people

    on a recent thread about free samples a person posted this link
    Click Here To Enter

    and I used it after it appeared to be a legitimate site. But now I need help with what I am going to use as my explanation as for what I ordered when my parents ask after it arrives. I already know its totally discreet but my parents know the sort of stuff I buy. And if its not from a source they know of they will get susipicious because of the fact that whatever comes through the mail is not private to the point where they don't need to know the how, where, or maybe even what I got. Plus the chances are probably at least 50/50 they will see the box before I can hide it in my room. Anyone have ideas?

    I think we should have a spot more devoted towards helping people handle delivery's when you have other people that share your mail address.

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    Hmm my technique when confronted is to lie, lie, and make counter accusations. That probably isn't much help. Maybe you could tell them you signed up for an internet site that continously enters you into free product offers and lotteries and that for whatever reason you were entered into this free give away. Good luck.

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    wait wait wait, you ordered the sample before you asked for advice? I would suggest waiting at the door until the package comes, and then hide it outside before your parents see it. Then you can smuggle it in after everyone goes to bed.

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    "What's in the box?"
    "A part for my computer."

    End of discussion. Works for me every time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Huggies1998 View Post
    "What's in the box?"
    "A part for my computer."

    End of discussion. Works for me every time.
    a part for my xbox 360 would probably work, especially if I say it was free as courtesy of microsoft. that way they would think my xbox had trouble running. I know! I could say it overheated and needed a new power cord. makes enough sense I guess.

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    it helps if your parents aren't tech savvy. you could just list off some BS techno-crap that may not even exist. Man...I may want to try this delivery thing...

    "What's in that box?"
    "It's just some parts for my computer. ya'know, just a graphics card, some elctroflambotransistors...the usual."
    *had walked away before "graphics card"*

    like i said, if you make up some complicated-sounding part that they've never heard of, they're quite unlikely to question it.

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