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    Well, ok... Hi my name is Steve, I live in southern Utah. I love rock climbing, bowling, drinking now and then, and computers. I hate computers. It's a love, hate thing, love when they work, hate them when they don't. I really enjoy gaming, not just video but board games as well. I LOVE movies, my weakness is Wallmart $5 movie rack, I can't help myself its an addiction. I really like B-rated movies, for those of you who don't know what that is its crap. That's why I like it, getting a big group of friends together and making fun of the movie at every chance we get. I am currently engaged and will be married early this September. Tattoo's thats another one of my loves I have 5 both my shoulders are capped off two on my back and one on my wrist.

    Well, I'm struggling coming up with anything else. I know what I want to say about diapers and what not but, I'm really uncomfortable. Even typing this right now I'm having a slight panic attack. So I think I'll come back and anwser those questions latter.


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    Awesome, dude. Don't be to uncomfortable talking about diapers, a lot of people talk about them. Hell, there is a forum just for them!

    Hope you like ADISC as much as we all do!

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    Hey Llama! Welcome to Adisc!

    It's alright man; we all get a sort of panic attack when we first sign up. I'll assure you though; this is a pretty normal site with a lot of cool people on it. If you don't want to talk about diapers, then you don't half to; you could just go into the Off-Topic boards or what not (that's what a bit of us do anyway)

    I can totally relate to going to go get B Movies for the laughs; I do that a lot too. Just to go over to somebody's house and watch something like "Attack of the Killer Centipede 2" and laugh your butt off because it sucks so bad is a blast. What would you say were some of your favorite movies?

    I hope you enjoy your time here, and if you have any questions, don't be afraid to ask

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    Welcome to the community, Llama!

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    My fav movies... In b movies or regular? If you want to see a beautiful b musical check out The Apple. Oh it is wonderful in the worst of ways. And of course one of the worse movies of all time Troll 2. Any way I could go on for a while, how about you?
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    Hey dude... Welcome to the diaper forums...! I'm new-ish here, but am on and have been on other diaper forums for years. No need to panic in AB/TB/DL land!

    Random questions:
    Do you like video games?
    What is a terrible name for a stuffed animal?
    How many fingers am I holding up?

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    Velcome (sorry had to say it at least once ) Don't worry about it, in fact I think most of us like to see this kind of intro. better that the one's that tell us nothing about the things that aren't diaper related. Or maybe that's just me. What kind of games do you like to play?

    Oh, almost forgot: Nice to meet you!

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    When it comes to video games I sadly have to say I have sucked into wow with the help of my friends. Other than that used to play counter strike Warcraft 3, battlefield, fallout, and when I get the itch I pull out my nes and take on some flying ships with mario.

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    To squash
    Random ? Answers. Yes I do like video games 2. Fluffy butt. 3. 3 fingers.

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