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Thread: Where do you buy your abult baby clothing from?

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    Default Where do you buy your abult baby clothing from?

    I like to buy mine from Ebay . I get my oneses,cloth diapers ,plastic pants from babylins.Some of my tee shirts come form spencers gifts or walmart for my elmo ones that is. my footed sleepers come from Ebay the same for my diaper sets with shirts and diaper cover. Is there a place you like to buy your baby clothing from please let us know were from.Oh the best part Were do you buy your stuffed toys from my bear came from walgrenes. great day to you all.Foxkits

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    im the same for me its the only place to buy from, the nappy's and baby cothes etc come in unmarked packaging and saves any face 2 face buying

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    Cosyndry, cuddlz (well one onesie) and sleepers from JJ's and allinone company

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    i one of the lucky ones, my grandma sews she take baby patterns and makes the clothes my size. i have jumpers, dresses, overalls, oneses, and bibed shorts. not sure if thats what you call them but hey i have been looking on ebay too but since i dont have any money i can buy anything. but their are some neat stuff.

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    I absolutely love Privatina. I've ordered from them twice and it is TOP quality stuff. Quite pricey though

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    I get mine from babykins managed to get some onesie from and also furryfashion

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    I bought most of my clothing from Cosy N Dry, and I also got a few thing from ebay.

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    Quote Originally Posted by babymace View Post
    I bought most of my clothing from Cosy N Dry, and I also got a few thing from ebay.
    Bad the dont have more clothing.

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    I'll second the recommendation Privatina, over the years I've had a bunch of stuff from them and it's all been really excellent quality - well worth the money!

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