I was never good at these things, so we'll do a 20 things about me to start it off:

1. I'm 28.
2. I'm a guy.
3. I'm married (it's complicated).
4. I have 4 children. Two are step, two are mine.
5. I use my xbox mostly for Netflix.
6. I have a degree in Audio Recording.
7. I am going back to school for Business.
8. I play Guild Wars.
9. I have an addiction to movies.
10. I live in Southern Wisconsin.
11. I love to cook.
12. I sway between AB and DL almost continuously.
13. I play D&D, and have since I was a young child.
14. My parents do not know about my 'secret'.
15. I am more of a cat person.
16. I have recently started doing Square Foot Gardening.
17. I am adopted.
18. I am bisexual.
19. I love to watch thunderstorms.
20. I often don't censor myself when I'm drunk.

Have a great day!!