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Thread: It's me and I'm new here

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    Default It's me and I'm new here

    I was told to post a introduction . so her goes .
    I'm 14 year old girl oh and that a real one. I have worn diapers my whole life I’m completely incontinent. I have like a medical problem, been told it’s like autism but not. I'm very small for my age and kinda slow so I have been told I don’t think so. Have a bad lisp and what I think doesn’t alwise come out the right way I find it easier just not to talk a lot. I'm not bad at the computer and my typing and I can get a lot more down in writing than I can speaking. About 4 years ago I was playing around on the net and found stuff on babies. I started played much to my mom dislike. More I played more I just knew I loved it and I fit in. mom blocked the net so I had limits use after that. but like I spend a lot of time messing with the net I found away around so I was able to get a yahoo account and a few forums. I have a great grandma she know about me all my problems in not dumb just have special needs. She has alwhise babied me but after I started acting out as one she just added to it and summers where my time. i was going to privet school but after last year they said they didn’t want me back. This next year I'm going to public schools they I need to retake 7th grade but its ok. Mom says they have lot of special need kids and classes. You know it a code don’t you. Ok I hope that was enough stuff.
    Big hugzzzz to everyone
    Oh any other girl my age let chat. Sorry boys like yuck not into all the stuff that goes with talking to guys don’t get it and don’t care.

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    Welcome to ADISC! Sounds like you have it a bit rough but i'm sure you'll be fine here. Enjoy your stay and we do have support forums for incontinence so people there may help ya out. Enjoy your stay!

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    Welcome to ADISK, Annie
    And what JonBB said! Most of the people here are fantastically nice, and will definitely be able to help you with any questions, and just relating in general!

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    Welcome to ADISC toddlerannie .

    Glad to see you take the time to write a good thorough introduction. I'm sure it must be difficult. As JonBB said, it sounds like you do have things pretty rough, but there are plenty people on here that are special needs. In fact, it's almost more the norm than the exception, lol. I, myself, have been told I have something 'like autism but not autism'. In my case, however, I have been able to function fairly well on many levels (like self expression), though I have a very difficult time on other levels (like making and keeping friends and handling many kinds of sensory input).

    That said, is there anything else you like to do in your spare time? I prefer to focus on gifts and abilities, and I'm sure you have some good ones of your own. I also have to note that I find your avatar and profile pics very adorable and peaceful .
    Hope you enjoy your stay here.

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    Welcome to the community! I actually was diagnosed with Autism when I was 5 years old. I don't know what it's like to be "normal" (as they call it) but I don't really think I have the disability, oh well. Anyways, I hope you have a good time here and make a few friends :P

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    thanks for all the nice commets. i have gotten so much bad stuff from other site its nice to belong and feel somewaht normal :giggle:
    all i ever wanted it to meet and caht with other like me. hugzzzz you all thanks for the welcome

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    Hi Annie. Hope you like it here better than TBN. I was thinking you didn't want to stay there!

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    yes carbonfiber TBN is a mean site.

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    Quote Originally Posted by toddlerannie View Post
    yes carbonfiber TBN is a mean site.
    Told you to come here instead. There, you have to be the most sarcastic person to be there. Make more posts here, you're gonna be fine.

    I left TBN as well, at least for a while, since there is not much to talk about there.

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