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    Default breaking news... (shocking images)

    this is the link to an article in one of australia's leading newspapers, the sydney morning herald... and in this aretcle contans a VERY shocking image...

    i WILL display this image in the next post know there is a policy but i believe that it MUST be seen... but i warn you this image is NOT for the faint hearted

    For Burma's generals it was a weekend to celebrate as they counted the votes in a constitutional referendum no one but they will take seriously. For the 1.5 million Burmese seeking shelter in the aftermath of Cyclone Nargis, without clean water or sanitation, the sham referendum was another meaningless charade.

    As the generals were photographed parading through neat refugee tentsites with groomed pathways, shocking images of bloated corpses in the Irrawaddy delta have been published by the Democratic Voice of Burma, a dissident website based in Norway. They reinforce the need for urgent action to prevent outbreak of disease.

    With cholera, dysentery, dengue and malaria epidemics among survivors a frightening possibility, state-run television played images of young women singing, "Let's go voting" and "Come along for voting".

    The junta acknowledges at least 22,000 people died in the May 2 cyclone, with a further 37,000 missing. A US diplomat based in Rangoon claims the figure may be as high as 100,000 dead. The junta trumpeted what it claimed was a "massive turnout" in its constitutional referendum on Saturday, as thousands of tonnes of food, medical supplies and emergency relief specialists waited on tarmacs around the world for permission to enter the country.

    As World Health Organisation workers based in Burma began to assess disease risk, a key WHO epidemiologist was still waiting for a visa. Organisations such as World Food Program and Unicef are distributing food and medical supplies they already had stockpiled in Burma and have bought what food and tarpaulins they can on the local market.

    "Diarrhoea rates are very high in many of the affected townships; for children under five, diarrhoea is a disaster," said Shantha Bloeman, Unicef's spokeswoman in Bangkok, adding malaria and dengue were endemic to this region. "What usually happens is the wave and water wash away [mosquito] larvae, so, for the first week, you have don't usually have a problem with malaria, but that will come now. The water stagnates and mosquito breeding begins so that will be a growing concern because people are sleeping with no shelter or very limited shelter."

    United Nations agencies are concerned that there are hundreds of thousands of traumatised, injured people and that if they do not get medical treatment, they will die.

    In Labutta area, one of the hardest hit regions in the Irrawaddy delta, a Burmese doctor said one in three patients had laceration wounds on their back caused by flying debris in the 200 kmh wind gusts. He said sepsis, a infection in the blood that causes organ failure, was commonplace. "These are injuries we have never seen before," he said.

    Doctors in one hospital were treating up to 5000 outpatients a day, said Osamu Kunii, Unicef's health chief in Rangoon. "They are exhausted. They are working long hours and they really need support.

    "They need sutures, bandages. They need blood, antibiotics, rehydration solutions for diarrhoea," Dr Kunii said. "They are full of patients and they cannot be treated properly due to a lack of human resources and drugs."

    In Bangkok, Rangoon and New York, United Nations officials are pleading with Burmese officials to relax strict visa controls on travel for emergency relief specialists. Forty-seven teams specialising in search and rescue, medical and information management from 21 countries are on standby around the world.

    Aid agencies say the regime is allowing access to the delta for aid workers already in the country. To circumvent the logjam over foreign aid worker visas, agencies are using Burmese national staff, recruiting Burmese retirees and redeploying Burmese nationals working abroad back to Burma.

    "The nightmare is they are doing everything as normal in terms of visa applications and customs clearance," a UN official in Bangkok said. Normal procedure can take up to two weeks for approval. On Friday, all Burmese overseas missions closed for a public holiday. "All this paperwork needs to go to Rangoon, [and the capital] Napidaw to be approved and that hasn't been expedited."

    The UN is trying to negotiate a common agreement for all k the aid workers it has waiting in Bangkok.

    Aid is getting in - but not nearly enough. The World Food Program has flown in seven shipments of aid, and an eighth was due to land yesterday. The agency said its food shipments had been briefly impounded on Friday at Rangoon airport.

    France is set to deliver 1500 tonnes of rice aid, with or without the junta's permission, aboard the warship Mistral, which would arrive in Burma's waters in the middle of this week, the French Foreign Minister, Bernard Kouchner, said.

    Some generals were taking credit for what little aid was getting through. Some generals' names were written onto aid boxes before they were distributed, according to the Associated Press.

    with agencies


    World Vision 133 240

    CARE Australia

    Save The Children


    UNICEF1300 884 233

    Australia for UNHCR

    1300 361 288

    ShelterBox Australia

    (a Rotary project),

    1800 024 413 020 046 760 011 666 672

    this is the image... if you have a faint heart turn back now!!!

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Well nothing will happen. No media will be let into the countries worst hit areas to show how pathetically these generals are dealing with the situation and corruption will take any aid given to the government to give to the people. The reason why our government is really only giving to the charities.

    Still, our government has pledged a piss poor amount of aid to this disaster considering we gave 20 million to a DEVELOPED country (USA) for their disaster and we managed to give 1 billion to the Tsunami. (With all this Australia, along with the US, give one of the least per person and the percentage of the taxes collected in the developed world)

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    The military are primarily keeping the aid for themselves, the Burmese people are barely seeing 20% of the aid.

    Is it bad that the photo doesn't phase me at all?

    This, sure, is a disaster, pictures like that are bound to circulate, it's an unfortunate event, but I'm not donating to a cause where I'd only be lining their governments pockets with food, water and money.

    I'm very cynical when it comes to charities. RSPCC and RSPCA are about the ONLY ones I give to.

    Animals and children deserve better, and I can at least see the changes I make when I donate to those causes.

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    Yeah, it sucks. From the news it seems like the Monks are the ones who are helping most people out, doing the government's job...

    I don't even know what I think about it, things like this really annoy me.

    I haven't watched enough news about it to make a longer post.

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    I to sadly don't get too shocked by that picture. Probably is because of all the other horrors that you see today.

    I think they might have to work around the government rather then through. But I also don't know nearly enough about this situation to make any comments about it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Martin View Post
    I to sadly don't get too shocked by that picture. Probably is because of all the other horrors that you see today.

    I think they might have to work around the government rather then through. But I also don't know nearly enough about this situation to make any comments about it.
    [off topic]I suppose, a mass majority of us, as a community of those who are apart of an 'extreme' lifestyle, get used to seeing things that are biassed in both opinion and image - Media of all varieties have slowly but surely desensitized us to the pains of the world.[/off topic]

    I'm very neutral on this topic honestly, I've seen a good amount of the news about this, but without being there myself, I don't think it fair to formulate a true opinion, because once again, It'd only be influenced by the media. What I do BELIEVE, however, is that their government (And ours!) are handling it badly, making the situation worse and leaving open space for a democratic and public meltdown, thus making the situation worse.

    I personally foresee an upcoming civil war regarding food and how the government are handling this crisis, that's if the unrest isn't too much already and the news just hasn't reported it. (Or am I missing something?)

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    I have a reaction but it's not really a positive or negative reaction as I have seen some shocking images while researching on Africa and those usually just make me so angry. This was a natural disaster and the corruption in these countries is something that I've known about for a while so it no longer angers me.

    Personally, the only charities I would give to at this moment are the Wheelchair foundation, UNICEF and World Vision. Wheelchair Foundation because they put it straight into equipment for people. UNICEF because they are UN and they can actually DO something and World Vision because they have a lot of very clever people working for them and they don't give money to everyone but use the money to get people to help themselves improve their lives.

    Oh and Amnesty International because they save a lot of lives all around the world using very little money. Use more people power and world pressure then anything.

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    They had an image like that on the front page of the Globe and Mail today.

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