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    I actually used to have another username before (ssccb) and I actually have been here for a while. I just fell inactive under the (methaphorical) weight of other worries and concerns.

    I have not posted in the many years since then due to these but now I expect I could be a tad less dissapear-y and remain here!

    I'm 20 years old. I'm...something of a shy person or something. I am rather private with my location (that sounded naughty...), but I dont live in the United States and I wear diapers X-Y/Z+A (X= Availability of diapers Y=Privacy Z=Fear of being discovered A=Innermost desire to just go with it) times a year.

    English is my second language, I apologize beforehand of the innumerable errors I will commit upon trying to mimic the language that is spoken in these forums. I am also a college student.

    What little I know about stuff will be relayed upon further posts I make, I guess but what even less I know about diapers is that I don't like depends! ._. At least the ones available in my country are pretty bad, the best ones available are Tena Slip.

    I've been here for a while, but its been so long that in order to do an appropiate re-insertion I guessed it'd be better for me to re-introduce myself in a re-satisfactory way that could re-promulgate my ren-ness.

    I also make bad jokes as you just saw.

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    Welcome back, Ren!

    I'm pretty shy about my stuff too, but it's pretty cool to see a community where people CAN talk about it (and it's not a nest of filth).

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    I think most of us have to find a balance of using the diapers when we feel like it versus when we are able to.

    Nothing to be shy about here. If someone doesn't want to read your post they'll move on so take heart that if someone responds to your writing they are probably interested in what you have to say.

    Your english is great. My command of any other language is poor at best so you won't get any heckling from me.

    I think Depends suck no matter which country you are in. Tena seems to be a great product no matter where you are. I founds some SCA briefs in Germany (same manufacturer as Tena) that were amazing.

    Best of luck with your schooling and being diapered enough.

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    There are many people on here who speak English as their secondary language, me included.
    Welcome to ADISC!

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