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Thread: A jovial hello from a new kid on the forum. :)

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    Default A jovial hello from a new kid on the forum. :)

    Good day, everyone! I'm Seth, and I'm new to the community. I've lurked here and there reading posts, so I'm excited to finally join! I personally identfiy as an AB/DL; I love diapers, pacifiers, bottles, Tigger, etc. Most of all, I love good conversation about anything and everything. I'm currently in South Texas, but I would love to chat it up with folks in any location. Besides the standard interests of any baby boi, I love music, art, writing, football, and a myriad of other things.

    Thanks for giving my post a gander!

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    Welcome Seth!
    I love music too! what genre are you most intrested in?

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    Hi, and thanks for the welcome!

    With music, I'm all over the map. I think the only genres I have limited interested in are gangsta rap and modern mainstream country. Other than that, I love anything from Frank Sinatra to Counting Crows.

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    Hi there and thanks for the welcome! Indeed I do play. I play guitar and bass, a bit of piano (although I'm getting REALLY rusty!), harmonica, and I'm trying to pick up the mandolin.

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    Welcome, PunkBoiSeth!

    I'm a multi-instrumental musician as well. My main instrument is the mandolin, but I play and own most all plectrum instruments. I really enjoy finger-style guitar in all it permutations, and playing in open and obscure tunings. I love dobro and lap steel guitar. I have a long necked Turkish Saz but don't have an oud yet. I have heard David Lindley play mean blues on an Oud. Also play most the Woodwinds and Harmonica. My musical tastes (and collection) are also all over the map from Gypsy Jazz to New-grass to Dixieland to New Age.

    Welcome to ADISC! Be a good boi and not a punk! Oh hell, what am I saying, just follow the rules and be yourself. (That is not an Oxy-moronic statement, we have room for about any individual here., OMG! It's a support site!)

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    Ach, I've got nothing to say here, all you musical folk! All I can do is shake a tambourine badly, out of time

    Welcome to the forums Seth

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