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Thread: Greatest guitar solos

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    Default Greatest guitar solos

    what guitar solos would you rank as the greatest?

    One of my favorites, Sweet Child O Mine, it gives me chills listening to it (solo starts around 2:50)

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    So many to choose from o.O The guitar solos in Therion's Siren of the woods are amazing, gunslinger (a7x), the solo in one of my uncle's songs gives me chills... too many to list O.O

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    Here's one of my favorites:

    Do you also accept solo guitar instead of guitar solo? :P

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    The wailing before the second movement of "Layla" by Derek and the Dominoes.

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    The Internet has an idea on this.

    I, however, am thinking about a LONG intro with a guitar solo. It's Spanish guitar, acoustic ... in the mid-1980s or before era. : / In there with "Chariots of Fire" as far as timing and popularity.

    I'll post here when I think of the song.

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    This is the greatest guitarist I have ever seen... EVER...
    It's so powerful that it makes me weep every time I see it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TygerLily View Post
    This is the greatest guitarist I have ever seen... EVER...
    It's so powerful that it makes me weep every time I see it.

    Bloody 'ell, that's brilliant!

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    Ummm well my favs are:

    the live version of in this river by Zakk Wylde from Black Label Society: YouTube - Black Label Society - In This River (Live)

    and Buckethead's Nightrain solo (which is the only good thing to come of the New G'N'R): YouTube - Buckethead - Nightrain solo - Live at Pepsi Arena, Albany, New York

    though tbh i could go on for ages there are just too many awesome solo to count.

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