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Thread: If you could prevent your infantilism, would you?

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    Default If you could prevent your infantilism, would you?

    This idea is brought on the other thread of getting rid of it. Some people said they wouldn't get rid of it but would prevent it from occurring. So would you prevent it? Like if you could somehow prevent yourself from becoming an AB or DL. Would you?

    I wouldn't due to the fact that it's such an important part of who I am. I couldn't imagine myself without diapers, or paci's. My fiancee and me are a lot closer because of this and because of my infantilism I actually managed to get a girl to really fall in love with me. We started out with Mommy and Baby and well it slowly progressed (note she never knew what Infantilism was before she met me). Granted we probably would have ended up together anyway. But it quicken things. And the best part about it is that we have a way to be intimate that other people don't. Something that doesn't rely on sex. And can be even more intimate at times. It's something special ya know?

    I also have met many amazing infantilist all over the place. one of my best friends is an infantilist. Plus it gives me a safe way to deal with my stress. Safer then drinking or drugs. So if I would prevent it? HELL NO! I love every part of this lifestyle. Everything that I am I love it.

    What about you guys?

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    You don't mess with the time line...bad things always happen when you mess with the time line! I am who I am for better or for worse...diapers and all


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    Quote Originally Posted by Angusmac View Post
    You don't mess with the time line...bad things always happen when you mess with the time line! I am who I am for better or for worse...diapers and all

    ok im going to say it TIME PARADOX!!!

    also i wouldn't want to prevent it either. who knows what i would be doing if i didn't have this.

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    Part of me wants to say yes, but another part says no.

    I sometimes wish I didn't have this really odd fetish, mostly because of the negative connotations that come along with it. I don't like being bunched in with pedophiles.

    But if I had never been into diapers, I probably wouldn't have looked into other kinks. Now I am pretty active in my local kink community and I've never been happier. I'm exploring myself and learning from awesome people. Diapers have become more of a back burner thing for me now. I wear them rarely now, which is nice.

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    I don't try to let to be a huge part of my life the way that some people I have run across do. I have a life outside of the fetish, and that keeps me so occupied that AB is not a big important thing to me as it once may have been.


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    I still don't know why I joined this forum. As you can tell I am not sure whether or not 'I belong here' but if I truly am on the verge of getting into this stuff I would honestly want to prevent it from happening. But, I kind of know myself. If the opportunity is there, and easy enough to go for I probably will.

    Sorry for this odd post - but I just wanted to speak my mind for a bit.

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    I probably wouldn't for my own safety and well being. I can see some other relatively safe alternatives I could get into but there's still the chance I get into something I shouldn't. Being a TBDL isn't ruining my life, I doubt it ever will. I can't really imagine myself without it so yeah, but I'd say it's helped me a lot. Like finding my way here, I have learned a lot from this forum and it has changed me as a person. [insert mushy thx adisc ramble].

    TLDR version, No. It's helped me a lot through life and I don't want to give it up.

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    Hell no. I'm a TB, and if bitches don't like it, too freaking bad!

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    Yeah, I would. I would have prevented a lot of things if I could have.

    But things aren't all bad now, and maybe I can make them better. People don't stay the same over time--we don't stop 'developing' until death. Maybe I can find something else to prevent.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BabyMikey117 View Post
    Hell no. I'm a TB, and if bitches don't like it, too freaking bad!
    Believe it or Not Bitches love TBness. I confessed to countless girls online... Almost all of them thought it was awesomely cute and amazing. Infantlism is a Babe magnet.

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